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Tongue Tied

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Guyton Mundy (USA) - July 2013
Girls Kiss Girls, by Pittsburg Slim
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32 count intro

[1-8] step, heel turn X2, ball cross, ball step, ½ chase turn, ¼ weave
1&2Step forward on right, make a ¼ turn to left as you swivel left heel in a ¼ turn, swivel right heel out a ¼ turn
&3step back on left, cross right over left
&4step back on left, step forward on right
5-6&step forward on left, step forward on right, make ½ turn over left stepping down on left
7&8make ¼ turn left stepping right to right side, step left behind right, step right to right side

[9-16] side step, sailor with ¼, rocking chair, ½ turn, ½ chase turn
1step left out to left side
2&3step right behind left, step together with left making ¼ turn right, step forward on right
4&5rock forward on left, recover back on right, step back on left
6make ½ turn over right stepping forward on right
7&8step forward on left, make ½ turn stepping down on right, step forward on left

[17-24] out, out, sailor, weave with ¼, forward sailor
1,2step right to right, step left to left
3&4step right behind left, step together with left, step right to right side
5&6step left behind right, make ¼ turn right stepping forward on right, step forward on left
7&8step right behind left, step forward on left, step diagonally forward on right

[25-32] cross, back side cross X2, side, ¾ turn, step
1cross left over right
2&3step back on right, step left next to right, cross right over left
4&5step back on left, step together with right, cross left over right
6-7step right to right side, make ¾ turn over left shoulder on right foot
8step forward on left


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