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Weekend Girl

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Kate Sala (UK) - July 2013
Girls Gone Wild - Lee Kernaghan : (Album: 'Planet Country' and MP3.)
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16 Count Intro.

Grapevine Right, Touch In, Out, In, Out, In.
1 2Step R to right side. Cross step L behind R.
3 4Step R to right side. Touch L toe next to R instep
5 6Touch L toe out to left side. Touch L toe next to R instep.
7 8Touch L toe out to left side. Touch L toe next to R instep.

Grapevine Left, Scuff, Step Forward, Touch, Step Back, Kick.
1 2Step L to left side. Cross step R behind L.
3 4Step L to left side. Scuff R forward.
5 6Step forward on R. Tap L toe behind R heel.
7 8Step back on L. Kick R forward.

Coaster Step, Step Forward, Hold, Pivot 1/4 Turn Right, Hold.
1 2Step back on R. Step L next to R.
3 4Step forward on R. Hold.
5 6Step forward on L. Hold.
7 8Pivot 1/4 turn right. Hold.

Step Forward, Touch Forward, Touch Side, Slap Right Heel, Step, Slap Left Heel, Step, Stomp.
1 2Step forward on L. Touch R toe forward.
3 4Touch R toe out to right side. Slap R foot behind L leg with L hand.
5 6Step on R to right side. Slap L foot behind R leg with R hand.
7 8Step on L to left side. Stomp up on R next to L.

Start again. Enjoy!


hccurtis August 2, 2013
Now this is a dance for all the "Girls Gone Wild".... Dance name is "Weekend Girl" by Kate Sala, nice dance

Willy August 25, 2013
The dancers in the second demo need to check the dance script again. Perhaps they can get it right second time around!

Yada September 26, 2013
The last step stomp up, my class found it easier to just do another Slap-both work fine.

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