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God's Been Good To Me

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Easy Improver
Peter Davenport (ES) - August 2013
God's Been Good to Me - Keith Urban : (3:38)
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32 Count Intro, Aprox 19 sec’s Start on the words (Well I can’t believe)

S1: Walk Forward L.R.L, Twist, Twist, Sailor ¼ L, Step ½ L
1,2,3Walk for L.R.L (cross L over R on count 3) [12]
&4Twist heels L, Twist heels R (weight ends up on R) [12]
5&6Sailor ¼ L 9
7,8Step forward on R, Pivot ½ L [3]
*wall 8 Restart

S2: Heel & Heel &, Rock Replace, Shuffle Back, Shuffle ½ L
1&2&Touch R heel forward, Switch touch L, Bring L to R [3]
3,4Rock forward on R, Recover on L [3]
*wall 4 Restart
5&6Shuffle back R.L.R [3]
7&8Shuffle ½ L, L.R.L [9]

S3: Step ½ L, Step Touch, L Rock & Cross, R Rock & Cross
1,2Step forward on R, Pivot ½ L [3]
3,4Step forward on R, Touch L to R [3]
5&6Rock L out to L, Recover on R, Cross L over R [3]
7&8Rock R out to R, Recover on L, Cross R over L [3]

S4: Step ¼ Back Step Side, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Sailor ¾ R
1,2Make ¼ R step back on L, Step R to R side [6]
3&4Cross shuffle L.R.L [6]
5,6Rock R out to R, Recover on L [6]
7&8Sailor ¾ R, turning R.L.R [3]

*Restart on wall 4: Dance up to and including count 3 on section 2, touch L toe to R and Restart the dance from count 1

*Restart on wall 8: Dance up to and including count 7 on section 1 HOLD on 2, Restart the dance again from count 1

Thank you for having a go !!!

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