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Sunshine Girl

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Easy Beginner
Rene & Reg Mileham (UK) - August 2013
Sunshine Girl - Herman's Hermits : (CD: Best of British - Classic Hits from 60's & 70's)
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Intro 8 counts from heavy beat(104 bpm)No Tags, No Restarts.

Section 1: Side, Close, Side, Close, Side. Repeat To Left
1 – 2Step Right to side, close Left next to Right
3 & 4Step Right to side, close Left to Right, step Right to side (weight on Right)
5 – 6Step Left to side, close Right next to Left
7 & 8Step Left to side, close Right to Left, step Left to side (weight on Left)

Section 2: Right Rolling Vine, Touch And Clap. Sway (L), Hold, Sway (R), Hold
1 – 2Turn 1/4 right stepping right forward, turn 1/2 right stepping left back
3 – 4Turn 1/4 right stepping right to right side, touch left beside right and clap
(Easier option - Ordinary Vine with touch and clap)
5 – 6Sway Left, hold
7 – 8Sway Right, hold (weight on Right)

Section 3: (L) Heel, Toe, Chasse, Turning ½ Left. (R) Heel, Toe, Chasse, Turning ¼ Right
1 – 2Left heel forward, Left toe back,
3 & 4Chasse ½ turn left (L,R,L) 6.00
5 – 6Right heel forward, Right toe back,
7 & 8Chasse ¼ turn right (R,L,R) 9.00

Section 4: Left Rolling Vine, Touch And Clap. Sway, Hold, Sway, Hold
1 – 2Turn 1/4 left stepping left forward. Turn 1/2 left stepping right back.
3 – 4Turn 1/4 left stepping left to left side. Touch right beside left and clap.
5 – 6Sway Right, hold
7 – 8Sway Left, hold
(Easier option - Ordinary Vine with touch and clap



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