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The Mercury Blues

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Easy Intermediate 2S
Beate Keller (DE) - July 2013
Mercury Blues - Alan Jackson
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Start: 32 Counts intro
Sequence: 48-48-48-48-48-48-48-48- /Repeat c. (33-48) / Repeat c. 33-48) / -48-48-32

(1-8) step fwd, step back ¼ turn r, step together-hold, step fwd, step back ¼ turn l, step together 1/8 turn l-hold
1-2-3-4RF step fwd(1)–LF ¼ turn right step back(2) 3:00 –RF step together(3), hold(4) (Q-Q-S)
5-6-7-8LF step fwd(5)-RF ¼ turn left step back(6) 12:00-LF step together 1/8 turn left (7), hold(8) (Q-Q-S)

(9-16) Weave l diag back, touch-hold
1-2-3-4RF cross over LF diag l back(1)-LF step side l diag l back(2)-RF cross behind LF(3)-LF step side l (4)
5-6-7-8RF cross over LF(5)-LF step side left(6)-RF touch next to LF(7), hold(8) (Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-S)

(17-24) step 1+1/8 turn r (R, L), step side r-hold, rock back, recover, hitch-hold
1-2-3-4RF 3/8 turn right and step fwd(1) 3:00-LF ½ turn right step back(2)-RF ¼ turn right step side right(3) 12:00-hold(4) (Q-Q-S)
5-6-7-8LF rock back(5)-RF recover(6)-LF hitch(7), hold(8) (Q-Q-S)

(25-32) step full turn l (l, r), step side l-hold, rock back, recover, brush-hold
1-2-3-4LF ¼ turn left step fwd(1) 9:00-RF ½ turn left step back(2)-LF ¼ turn left step side left(3) 12:00, hold(4) (Q-Q-S)
5-6-7-8RF rock back(5)-LF recover(6)-RF brush(7), hold(8) (Q-Q-S)

(33-40) ¾ turning l toe struts
1-2-3-4RF toe touch fwd(1)-RF ½ turn left and drop r heel(2) 6:00-LF toe touch in place(3)-LF drop l heel(4) (Q-Q-Q-Q)
5-6-7-8RF stepping r toe fwd(5)-RF ¼ turn left and drop r heel(6) 3:00)-LF stepping l toe fwd(7)-LF drop l heel and step beside RF(8) (Q-Q-Q-Q)

(41-48) rocking chair, rocking chair
1-2-3-4RF rock fwd(1)-LF recover(2)-RF rock back(3)-LF recover(4) (Q-Q-Q-Q)
5-6-7-8RF rock fwd(5)-LF recover(6)-RF rock back(7)-LF recover(8) (Q-Q-Q-Q)

Start again

AT END ON WALL 8, (you will be on the front wall) repeat the last 16 counts (33-48) 2x and start again.

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