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Little Bit of Everything

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Amy Glass (USA) - August 2013
Little Bit of Everything - Keith Urban
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16 Count Intro

[1-8] Rumba Box, Hip Sways, Rocking Chair
1-2&Step forward L, Step out R, Step together L,
3-4&Step Back R, Step Side L, Together R
5-6&Step out L (while swaying hips L), Hips R, Hips L
7&8&Rock forward R, Recover, Back R, Recover

[9-16] Pivot ¼ R, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock Cross, ½ L Walk, Walk [9:00]
1-2&Step forward R, Forward L, pivot ¼ to R [3:00]
3&4Cross L over R, Step Side R, Cross L over R (styling add hip rolls)
5&6Rock R to R side, Recover, Cross R over L
7-8Walk L, R turning ¼ L with each walk [9:00]

[17-24] Turning Weave/Box, Point, Point [3:00]
1-2&Step L to diagonal, R to R side, L back [7:30]
3-4&1/8 L Stepping back R, Side L, Forward R (slightly crossed in front of L) [6:00]
5-6&Step L to L diagonal, R to R side, L back [4:30]
7&1/8 L stepping back R, touch L next to R [3:00]
8&Point L toe out, touch L next to R)

[25-32] ¼ L, ¾ L, Hitch/Drag L, Hitch/Drag R, Out, Out, Back, Touch
1-2&Turn ¼ L while stepping forward, ¼ L stepping side R, Pivot ½ L
3Step R while hitching knee and dragging L foot, making a small circle (not large like a sweep)
4&Step down on L, Step R together
5Step L while hitching knee and dragging R foot, making a small circle with the foot
6&Step down on R, Step L together
7&8&Step R slightly forward and out, L forward and out, R back, touch L next to R
(styling: exaggerate those steps and move from the hips)

Tag 1: Repeat the last 8 counts of the dance. Happens after wall 2 and 6.

Tag 2: Hold for 2 counts (option slow body roll). Happens after wall 3



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