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Fight and Overcome

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Donna Manning (USA) - September 2013
Overcomer - Mandisa
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Sec.1 (1-8) Side Rock, Recover, Forward Rock, Recover, ½ , ½ , ½ Triple Turn
1,2,3,4Rock L to L Side, Recover to R, L Forward Rock, Recover to R
5,6,7&8½ turn L Step L forward, ½ Turn L Step R back, ¼ turn L stepping L to L side, close R to L, ¼ turn L step L forward (6:00)

Sec.2 (9-16) Step, ¼ Turn, Step, ½ Turn, ¼ Turn, Touch, Point, Cross Lift
1,2,3,4Step R forward, ¼ Turn L taking weight to L, Step R forward, ½ Turn R Step L back
5,6,7,8¼ Turn R Step R to side, Touch L toe next to R, Point L toe to L side, Lift L knee across R knee (12:00)

Sec.3 (17-24) ¼ Turn Step, Ronde, Cross, Side, Behind, Point, Cross, Ronde
1,2,3,4Turn ¼ L Step L forward, Sweep R back to front, Cross R over L, Step L to L side
5,6,7,8R behind L, Point L toe to L side(hips angled to 10:30 working the 9:00 wall), Cross L over R, Sweep R from back to front across L to change angle of hips to 7:30 (9:00)

Sec.4 (25-32) R Cross Toe Heel Strut, ¼ Turn L Toe Heel Strut, Cross, Hold, Unwind
1,2,3,4Touch R toe Across L, Drop R Heel, Turn ¼ Turn L touch toe of L forward, Drop L heel (6:00)
5,6,7,8Cross the ball of R over L, Hold, Unwind ¾ Turn L taking weight to R foot on 8 (use your R shoulder to spot your new wall) (9:00)

After wall 4: 4 counts – slow sway with a hip dip L for 2 counts, then R for 2 counts ending weight on R
After wall 8: 16 counts –
L Rocking Chair, Step, ½ Turn R, Step, Brush
1,2,3,4L forward rock, recover weight to R, L Back Rock, Recover weight to R
5,6,7,8Step L forward, ½ turn R taking weight to R, Step L forward, Brush R

R Rocking Chair, Step, ½ Turn L, Step, Brush
1,2,3,4R forward rock, recover weight to L, R back rock, recover weight to L
5,6,7,8Step R forward, ½ turn L taking weight to L, Step R forward, Brush L

Please DO NOT alter sheet in any way. You may use in its entirety. Video rights belong to choreographer. HAVE FUN!



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