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About Time

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Improver - NC2S
Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - September 2013
How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding : (Album: About Time OST - 2013)
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Intro: 16 Counts/15 Seconds (Start on Vocals)

Basic Nightclub Right. Left Scissor Step.
1,2&Step Right to Right side. Rock back on Left. Recover weight on Right crossing Right over Left.
3&4Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left. Cross step Left over Right.

1/2 Turn Left. Sweep. Cross Rock 1/4 Turn Right. Triple Full Turn Right.
&5Make 1/4 Turn Left stepping back on Right. Make 1/4 Turn Left stepping Left to Left side and sweep Right from back to front.
6&7Cross Rock Right over Left. Recover weight on Left. Make 1/4 Turn Right stepping Right forward.
&8&Make 1/2 Turn Right stepping Left back. Make 1/2 Turn Right stepping Right forward. Step forward on Left.
Alternative Steps: If you wish not to turn, counts: &8& can be replaced with 3 small runs forward, Left, Right, Left.

Forward Rock. Run Back X2. Sweep. Behind-Side.
1,2&Rock forward on Right. Recover weight and run back on Left. Run back on Right.
3,4&Run back on Left sweeping Right around from front to behind. Step Right behind Left. Step Left to Left side.

Cross Rock. Recover. Side Step. Cross Unwind Full Turn.
5,6&Cross Rock Right over Left. Recover weight back on Left. Step Right to Right side.
7Cross step Left over Right and unwind full turn Right with weight ending on Left.

Start Again!

Tag: Happens at the end of Wall 8 facing 12.00 Wall.
Side Step. Cross Step.
8&Step Right to Right side. Cross step Left over Right.

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dancer33 September 18, 2013
Thank you Karl for a gorgeous dance to a gorgeous song. Your choreography is world class. High beginners will enjoy this dance along with intermediates which is hard too achieve.i hope this dance goes far in the charts and we will be teaching it here and in Spain next week.

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