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Tango With An Eskimo (Chilly Willy Tango)

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Adrian Churm (UK) - September 2013
Never Do a Tango with an Eskimo - Alma Cogan
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Sec 1: Tango Box, Gancho (hook),
1 – 2Step left foot to the side, close right foot next to left.
3 – 4Step left foot forward, hold.
5 – 6Step right foot to the side, close left foot next to right.
7 – 8Step right foot back, hook left foot across right shin

Sec 2: Slow & fast lock steps, ½ turn left, ¼ hitch turn right.
1 – 2Step left foot forward, lock right foot behind left
3&4Step left foot forward, lock right behind left, step left foot forward.
5 – 6Step right foot forward, ½ turn left weight ends on left.
7 – 8Step right foot forward, make a ¼ turn right as you hitch left knee up slightly at the same time.

Sec 3: Weave to right, sweep, behind, side, triple step cross over.
1 – 2Step left foot across right, step right foot to the side.
3 – 4Step left behind right, sweep right foot around to the right.
5 – 6Step right foot behind left, step left foot to the side.
7&8Step right foot across left step left foot to the side, step right foot across left (small steps).

Sec 4: Side draw to left, in, out, tap together, side draw to right, in, out, tap together.
1 – 2Large step to the left side, allow right foot to draw in to towards left slightly
&3 – 4Quickly bring right foot next to left, point right foot out to the right side. tap right next to left.
5 – 6Large step to the right side, allow left foot to draw in towards right slightly
&7 – 8Quickly bring left foot next to right, point left foot out to the left side, tap left foot next to right.

Very easy Tags & Restarts
End of the 2nd and 6th walls both facing 6 o’clock, replace counts &7 – 8 of section 4 with
7&8Close left foot next to right, shimmy the shoulders (as if you are cold or do your own thing)

Restart - wall 4: Replace count 8 of section 1, with a hold, and Restart from the beginning.

Happy Dancing and have fun with it

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Oscar September 24, 2013
Adrian did a great dance once again as usual. Thank you and have a good time my friend. Oscar

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