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Juliet Lam (USA) - October 2013
Self Control - Soraya : (Album: Ochenta's 2006)
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Intro : 48 count from the start of the track. (Approx. 26 seconds into track)

Section 1: Walk Forward Right, Left, Forward Mambo, Back, Back, Coaster Cross
1-2Walk forward on right, left
3&4Rock forward on right, recover on left, step right back
5-6Walk back on left, right
7&8Step back on left, step right next to left, cross left over right (12:00)

Section 2: Touch, Hook 1/4 Right, Forward Lock Step, Kick Ball Point, Kick Ball Point
1-2Touch right toe to right side, hook right foot across left leg while turning ¼ right (3:00)
3&4Step forward on right, lock left behind right, step forward on right
5&6Kick left forward, step left ball next to right, point right toe to right side
7&8Kick right forward, step right ball next to left, point left toe to left side

Section 3: Rock Forward, Recover & Rock Forward, Recover, Back Lock Step, Back Lock Step
1-2&Rock left forward, recover on right, step left next to right
3-4Rock forward right, recover on left,
5&6Step right back, lock left over right, step right back (Angle body slightly to right diagonal)
7&8Step left back, lock right over left, step left back (Angle body slightly to left diagonal)
(Restart – Wall 7, replace count 7&8 with “Left Coaster”)

Section 4: Rock Back, Recover X 2, Step, Pivot 1/4 Left X 2
1-2Rock back on right (push right hip back, looking over right shoulder), recover on left
3-4Rock back on right (push right hip back, looking over right shoulder), recover on left
5-6Step right forward, pivot ¼ left (use hips) (12:00)
7-8Step right forward, pivot ¼ left (use hips) ( 9:00 )

Restart – Wall 7 begins at 6:00, dance up to count 22, add “Left Coaster” and start again, facing 9:00

Start Again & Have fun!!!

Contact - Juliet e-mail :


hccurtis October 4, 2013
Looks easy and deffinately is a keeper...

Taiwan October 4, 2013
Nice dance and lovely track!

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