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Counting Stars

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Improver / Intermediate
Michael Metzger (USA) - October 2013
Counting Stars - OneRepublic
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Pivot Turn, Pivot Turn, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock
1, 2Step R forward, Pivot ½ to left taking weight on L (6:00)
3, 4Step R forward, Pivot ½ to left taking weight on L (12:00)
5, 6Rock forward on R, Recover back to L
7, 8Rock forward on R, Recover back to L

Shuffle, Shuffle, Cross, Point, Cross, Point
9&10Shuffle forward R, L, R
11&12Shuffle forward L, R, L
13, 14Cross R over L, Touch L to side
15, 16Cross L over R, Touch R to side

Rock, Recover, Coaster, Rock, Recover, Coaster
17, 18Rock forward on R, Recover back to L
19&20Step R back, Step L together, Step R forward
21, 22Rock forward on L, Recover back to R
23& 24Step L back, Step R together, Step L forward

Weave to Right, Scuff into Half Turn, Shuffle, Full Spin
25, 26Step R to right, Cross L behind R
27, 28Step R to right, Scuff L forward into half turn to the right (6:00)
29&30Shuffle forward L, R, L
31, 32Turn ½ left and step R back (12:00), Turn ½ left and step L forward (6:00)

Jazz Box with Quarter Turn, Heel, Heel, Touch, Clap Clap
33, 34Cross R over L, ¼ turn to right and step L back (9:00)
35, 36Step R to side, Step L forward
37&38&Touch R heel forward, Step R together, Touch L heel forward, Step L together
39&40Touch R next to L, Clap, Clap

Half Monterey Turn, Half Monterey Turn
41, 42Touch R to side, Turn ½ to right and step R together (3:00)
43, 44Touch L to side, Step L together
45, 46Touch R to side, Turn ½ to right and step R together (9:00)
47, 48Touch L to side, Step L together

Special Note:-
The song slows and pauses at the end of wall 7. Complete the Monterey turns and then wait for the song to resume. Start again at the beginning of the dance.



The Philosophess November 11, 2013
I really enjoy this dance. I like it's symmetry so craftily interwoven with original steps that don't feel unnatural. I like the way the group feels when we are doing this dance. It's a joyful dance.

Yada February 11, 2014
Michael's enthusiasm is infectious, I just had to try this dance, after watching the demo. Round of applause from my class after I taught this dance. Keep them coming Michael.

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