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Phrased Intermediate
Shaz Walton (UK) - October 2013
Azonto (UK Radio Edit) - Fuse ODG
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32 count Intro - Phrasing.... A B B A A A B A A B A A to end

Part A - 32 counts
Out. Out. Back. Back. Forward. Hold. Step. ½ pivot.
1-2-3-4Step right diagonally forward. Step left diagonally forward. Step right back to centre. Step left beside right.
5-6Step forward right. HOLD.
&7-8Step left beside right. Step forward right. Make ½ pivot turn left.

Heel. Step. Touch. Heel. Step. Touch. Heel. ¼ side. Step. Step.
1&2Touch right heel forward. Step right beside left. Touch right beside left.
3&4Touch left heel forward. Step left beside right. Touch left beside right.
5-6Dig right heel forward. Make ¼ left step[ping left to left side.
7-8Step right beside left. Step left beside right.

Cross. Point. Step. side. together. Side. touch. Side. Touch.
1-2Cross right over left. Point left to left side.
&3-4Step left beside right. Take a big step to right. Step left beside right.
5-6Take a BIG step right bending as you go. Touch left beside right.
7-8Take a BIG step left bending as you go. Touch right beside left.

Kick. Step. Point back. Hitch. Point back. Hitch. Back. Behind. ¼.
1&2Kick right forward. Step right beside left. Point left backwards.
3-4Hitch left up. Point left backwards.
5-6Hitch left up. Make ¼ left stepping left to left side.
7-8Cross right behind left. Step left to left side.

Part B - 32 counts (AZONTO!!) (this is going to be hard to explain... watch the vid on youtube ? )
The right knee on the right toes is just going to going in & out for the following counts.
1&2&In. Out. In.Out.
3&4In. Out. In
&7&8&Out. In. Out. In. Out.

The arms
Point down. Clench. Points up. Point. Clench.
1&2Left arm and finger points down towards right knee for 1&2
3&4Bring both hands up fists clenched in front of chest for 3&4
5-6Point left hand & finger to left diagonal for 5&6
7-8Touch both index fingers beside temples. Clench fist and bring them down in front of chest.


Samba x2 cross. ¼ ¼ Side. Side.
1&2Cross right over left. Rock out to left. Recover right.
3&4Cross left over right. Rock out to right . Recover left.
5-6Cross right over left. Make ¼ turn right stepping back left.
7-8Make ¼ right. Step left to left side rocking out to left.

Sway x4 . Lunge ½. Out. Out.
1-2-3-4sway R-L-R-L (use right arm as if driving a car with left hand in left pocket or on hip)
5-6Step forward (lunge). ½ pivot left.
7-8step right to right side. Step left to left side.

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