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My First Love - B

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Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) & Anna Korsgaard (DK) - October 2013
This dance is made as a floor-split to My First Love (Robbie McGowan Hickie)

Intro: 32 count – No tags! No Restarts

Section 1: Side, Together, Chassè Right, Cross Rock, Chassé ¼ Turn
1 - 2Step right to right side. Close left beside right.
3 & 4Step right to right side. Close left beside right. Step right to right side.
5 - 6Cross left over right: Recover onto right.
7 & 8Step left to left side. Step right beside left. Turn ¼ left stepping left forward. (9)

Section 2: Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Step, Pivot ¼ Turn, Forward Rock, Coaster
1 - 2Step Right Forward, Pivot ½ turn. (3)
3 - 4Step Right Forward, Pivot ¼ turn. (12)
5 - 6Rock forward on right. Recover onto left.
7 & 8Step back on right, Step left beside right. Step forward on right.

Section 3: Forward Rock, Lockstep Back, Side Touch Right, ¼ Turn Left, Touch
1 - 2Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
3 & 4Step left back. Lock step right across left. Step left back.
5 - 6Step right to right side. Touch left beside right.
7 - 8Make ¼ turn left by stepping left forward. Touch right beside left. (9)

Section 4: Forward Shuffle, Forward Rock, Slide Back x 2, Coaster Cross
1 & 2Step right forward. Close left beside right. Step right forward
3 - 4Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
4 - 6Slide back on left. Slide back on right.
7 & 8Step left back. Step right beside left. Cross left over right.


Enjoy and have fun. It makes you happy.

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Sheena December 22, 2013
Love this dance.

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