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Gaye Teather (UK) - October 2013
One Way Ticket - Billy Currington : (CD: We Are Tonight)
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16 count intro - Dance rotates in CW direction

Right cross rock. Side. Hold. Left cross rock. Side. Hold
1 – 2Cross rock Right over Left. Recover onto Left
3 – 4Step Right to Right side. Hold
5 – 6Cross rock Left over Right. Recover onto Right
7 – 8Step Left to Left side. Hold

Cross. Side. Behind. Sweep. Behind. Side. Cross. Hold
1 – 2Cross Right over Left. Step Left to Left side
3 – 4Cross Right behind Left. Sweep Left out and around from front to back
5 – 6Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side
7 – 8Cross Left over Right. Hold

Side rock. Cross toe strut. Side Left toe strut. Cross toe strut
1 – 2Rock Right to Right side. Recover onto Left
3 – 4Step Right toe across Left. Drop Right heel to floor
5 – 6Step Left toe to Left side. Drop Left heel to floor
7 – 8Cross Right toe over Left. Drop Right heel to floor

Side Left. Quarter turn Right. Step. Hold. Sway x 4
1 – 2Step Left to Left side. Quarter turn Right (Facing 3 o’clock)
3 – 4Step forward on Left. Hold
5 – 6Step Right to Right swaying hips Right. Sway Left
7 – 8Sway Right. Sway Left

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