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Z Dance 974

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Newcomer - Contra
David Linger (FR) - December 2012
Z Dance - Collectif Métissé : (Single)
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Updated translation by the choreographer – September, 2013, 21th - No Tag, No Restart

Position The odd columns facing 6:00, the even columns facing 12:00.
Column 1 dances with column 2, column 3 with 4, etc.. The steps of the dance are the same for all the columns but you have a partner on your right side and will always dance in his (her) company. Good Luck !!!
Specially choreographed for the Club « 3 Mares Danse » - (Reunion Island 974)

Start : 2x8 counts, letter « B » of the word : Z U M B A at 7 seconds…

3 Walks Forward with Hands Up, L Hitch, 3 Walks Backward, R Touch
1 – 33 walks (R-L-R) forward (stepping away from your partner)
Style : Arms up and clic fingers during each step
4L Hitch
Style : Squeeze fists, and return them shoulder-high by bending your elbows
5 – 83 walks backward (L-R-L), R touch next to L (returning to your partner)
Option : 4 small jumps like Zumba Style!!!

R Vine, L Touch, L Step Forward, ½ Step Turn Right Twice
1 – 4R step to right side, L step cross behind R, R step to right side, L touch next to R
Note : Columns 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.. cross to the opposite side (you pass in front of your partner)
Option : Rolling Vine to the left
5 – 6L step forward, ½ turn right (weight on R)
7 – 8L step forward, ½ turn right (weight on R)
Option : Push your body forward like Zumba Style (on counts 5 et 7)

L Side, R Together, L Side, R Touch, R Side, L Touch, L Step in Place, R Touch
1 – 2Small L step to left side, R together
3 – 4Small L step to left side, R touch next to L
Note : Columns 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.. meet each other to make a single line , you are facing your partner
5 – 6R step to right side by bending knees, straighten legs and touch L in place
7 – 8L step to left side by bending knees, straighten legs and touch R in place
Option : Movements of arms like Zumba Style !!!

4 Walks with ½ Turn Right, R Rocking Chair
1 – 44 steps by turning gradually ½ turn to the right side
Note : Take the right arm of your partner (arm in arm). The odd columns are facing 12:00, the even ones facing 6:00, you take the place of your partner.
The odd columns are now evens until the Restart of the dance,and return to their original place.
5 – 8R step forward (rock), recover on L, R step back (rock), recover on L
Option : Jumping rocksteps like Zumba Style !!!




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