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So Done

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Daniel Tobias (USA) & Rick Dominguez (USA) - November 2013
Done. - The Band Perry
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Starts after 16 counts

Tag: 4 Count tag after the first wall: bump left, bump right, roll hips
Restart: 8 counts into the 3rd wall, with the start of the second verse

1&2Left toe, Left stomp, Left kick while turning ¼ to the left
3&4Coaster step (left, right, left)
4&6Right toe, Right stomp, Right kick while turning ½ to the right
7&8Coaster step (right, left, right)

9&10Bump left, Bump right, ¼ right turn while kicking with the right foot
11&12Shuffle forward while turning ¼ to the right (right, left, right)
13&14Hop on right foot, Hop on right foot, Hop on the right foot while kicking with a downward left foot kick
15&16Left turn ¾ to the left while: sweeping back step left, right together, step left forward in new direction

17&18Right step, Recover left, Cross right in front of left
19&20Grapevine to the left: step left, cross right behind, step left
21,22,23,24Sway right, Sway left, Sway right, ¼ turn to the right while hitching the right foot back (keeping weight on left foot)

25&26Triple step forward (right, left, right)
27,28Step forward with left, Recover right
29&301½ spin turning 540 degrees to the left (left, right, left)
31&32Plant both feet a foot apart from each other and hop 3 times, crossing feet on the second hop, then uncrossing feet on the 3rd hop.

Edit: On the 7th wall, where the music drops out, the last musical phrase is curtailed to 7 counts instead of 8 (Thank you very much, Band Perry!)

So we took advantage of it and made an awesome edit: When you reach step 31, make a one-count stomp with both feet, using the previous 1½ turn to leap into it. Make it loud! Then go directly to the top of the dance.



Michael Metzger November 13, 2013
This is one of my favorite dances. The steps are full of passion and fire. Good! Because passion and fire characterize the lyrics and musicianship of the song. I get to throw my body into large and fun steps. And never have I enjoyed a restart so much as when The Band Perry decided to make a phrase of 7 beats instead of 8. Where many line dances might have lost energy, this dance uses this forced restart to give me a crescendo that is the candy of the dance.

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