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Wendy Loh (MY) - October 2013
Acapella - Karmin
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Dance starts after 8 counts

Section 1: Right Mambo, Forward Shuffle, Left Mambo, Side, Touch
1&2Rock RF to side, Recover on LF, Touch RF beside LF
3&4Forward Shuffle RF, LF, RF
5&6Rock LF to side, Recover on RF, Touch LF beside RF
7,8Step LF to side and draw LF together, Touch LF beside RF (12:00)

Section 2 : 1/4 R Step Touch, Left Coaster, Sway R then Left, Triple Steps
1,2Turn 1/4 R & Step RF to side, Touch LF beside RF (3:00)
3&4Step LF back, Step RF together, Step LF forward
5,6Step RF to side & Sway hips to R Sway hip to L
7&8Step RF beside LF, Step LF in place, Step RF in place & Touch LF beside RF

Section 3 : Twist RF, Close, Side, Left Sailor, 1/4 R Right Sailor
1&2Step LF to side & on ball of RF and swivel heel in, out, in
3,4Step RF in place & close LF together, Step RF to side
5&6Step LF behind RF, Step RF together, Step LF to side
7&8Turn 1/4 R & Step RF behind LF, Step LF together ,Step RF to side

Section 4 : Cross, Cross, Step 1/4 Turn 2X
1-4Cross LF over RF, Cross RF over LF, Turn 1/4 R & Step LF back, Step RF to side
5-8Repeat Steps 1-4

Section 5 : Twist, Hop, Hop, Twist, Twist 2x
1On ball of RF, swivel heel out
&2Jump on both feet twice
&3&On ball of RF, swivel heel In Out In Out
5-&8Repeat 1-&4

Section 6 : Step, Together, Back, Back, Side, Step, Together, Shoulder Roll
1,2Step RF in place, Step LF together
3,4Step RF back, Step LF back
5&6Step RF diagonally out, Step LF to side, Close RF together
7,8Both feet in place, Move R then L shoulder back in a circular motion

Section 7 : Walk with knee pops, Hip bump with hands clapping
1-4Walk 1/2 L (with knee pops) on RF, LF, RF, LF
5&6&Step RF to side & Clap hands twice at 1:30 (R above head), 7:30 (L hip),
7&8&Both feet still n place, Clap hands twice at 4:30 (R hip) then 10:30 (L above head)

Section 8 : Run, Run, Side, R Hip Roll, 1/4 R Run, Run, Side, L Hip Roll
1&2Step RF forward, Step LF forward, Step RF to side
3,4Touch RF forward & R Hip Roll anti-clockwise twice
&5&6Turn 1/4 R & Step RF in place, Step LF forward, Step RF forward, Step LF to side
7,8Touch LF forward, & L Hip Roll clock-wise twice

Section 9: Heel Switches, Full Turn, Rock Back, Recover, Side, Hold & Pose
1&2&Touch L heel forward, Step LF back, Touch R heel forward, Step RF back
3,4Turn 1/2 L & Step LF forward, Turn 1/2 L & Step RF back
5&6Rock LF back, Recover on RF, Turn 1/4 R & Step LF to side
7,8Swing Upper Body anti-clockwise circle over two counts

Section 10 : Hop Steps, Out Out In In
1&2Step RF to side & Touch LF beside RF, Hold
&a3Step LF to side & Touch RF beside LF, Hold
&aStep RF to side & Touch LF beside RF
4&Touch LF to side, Touch LF beside RF
5&6Step LF to side & Touch RF beside LF, Hold
&aStep RF to side & Touch LF beside RF,
7&Step LF diagonally out, Step RF to side
8&Step LF back, Touch RF beside LF

Section 11 : Rock Recover with 1/4 Turn,
1&Turn 1/4 L & Rock RF to side, Recover on LF
2&Repeat Step 1&
3&Repeat Step 1&
4&Repeat Step 1&
5&6Both feet in place, Hand movements : Swing arm from out to midde, L, R, L
7,8Hand Movement : Lift both arms from side of hip and over head in one big swing from back to front

Restart : After Wall 3, Dance until Section 7, Restart dance from beginning (6:00).

Ending : After Restart, Dance until Section 5 and Turn 1/2 L for ending pose at front wall.



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