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Young Men's Dream

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Ines Maaß (DE) - October 2013
Tall Dark & Handsome - James Lann
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Intro - 16 Counts

L Cross & Cross, Sweep, R Cross & Cross, Coaster Step, ¼ Turn L 2 x
1 &2Cross LF over RF, step RF towards LF, cross LF over RF,
&sweep RF from back to front,
3 & 4cross RF over LF, step LF towards RF, cross RF over LF,
(Note: With Counts 1 – 4 travel diagonal right and left forward)
5 & 6step back with LF, step together with RF, step forward with LF,
7 – 8¼ turn left stepping RF to right, ¼ turn left stepping LF to left,

Chassé R, ¼ Turn L, ¼ Turn R, Cross Shuffle, Kick Ball Cross
1 & 2step RF to right, step LF together, step RF to right,
3 – 4¼ turn left stepping LF to left, ¼ turn right stepping RF to right,
5 & 6cross LF over RF, step RF towards LF, cross LF over RF,
7 & 8kick RF forward, step ball of RF next to LF, cross LF over RF,

Side Drag, Shuffle Back, Full Turn R, Shuffle Back
1 – 2large step to right with RF, drag LF towards RF, (keep weight on RF)
3 & 4step LF back, step RF towards LF, step LF back,
5 – 6½ turn right stepping RF forward, ½ turn right stepping LF back,
7 & 8step RF back, step LF towards RF, step RF back,

Side Hold, & Side Hold, Heel Switches, Flick Stomp
1 – 2step LF to left, hold and clap,
& 3-4step RF next to LF, step LF to left, hold and clap,
5&6&touch right heel forward, step RF next to LF, touch left heel forward, step LF next to RF,
7 – 8flick RF back (crossing behind left calf), stomp RF next to LF.

Start again.

Tag: After 2nd Wall (12 h) repeat the 4th sequence and start from the beginning.

Ending: During Wall 11 (6 h) dance the 2nd sequence including Kick Ball Cross, than Unwind ½ turn right.



James7777 November 18, 2013
Hi this is James Lann. The song is called Tall Dark & Handsome. I am please to see that you have devised a dance routine to the song. Thank you so much. If you need anything please feel free to contact me for more music or any questions you may have.

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