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Aguardiente (Firewater)

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Low Intermediate
Norman Gifford (USA) - November 2013
Aguardiente - Franco Bagutti : (iTunes)
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(Start after 3 patterns of 8, plus 5,6,7,8).

(Rock back, replace, cha-cha steps, crossover, step side, sailor step)
1-2Left rock back; right replace
3&4Cha-cha steps in place (LRL)
5-6Right crossover; left step side
7&8Right sweep behind; left together; right step in place

(Crossover, swivel turn 3/4 left, shuffle steps, rock forward, replace turning ¼ right, chassè right)
1-2Left crossover; right step side turning 3/4 left (3:00)
3&4Shuffle steps forward (LRL)
5-6Right rock forward; left replace turning ¼ right (6:00)
7&8Chassè right (RLR) ***

(Cross-point, cross-point, jazz-box, touch)
1-2Left crossover; right point side
3-4Right crossover; left point side
5-6Left crossover; right step back
7-8Left step side; right touch by left

(Slow sways right & left, crossover, step back, cha-cha steps)
1-2Slow sway stepping to the right; hold
3-4Slow sway to the left; hold
5-6Right crossover; left step back
7&8Cha-cha steps moving slightly back (RLR)

(Rock back, replace, turning cha-cha steps, rock back, hook, shuffle steps)
1-2Left rock back; right replace
3&4Cha-cha steps turning ½ right (LRL) (12:00)
5-6Right rock back; left hook up in front of right
7&8Shuffle steps forward (LRL)

(Crossover, replace, side-shuffle steps, crossover, replace, side-shuffle steps)
1-2Right crossover; left replace
3&4Shuffle steps to the side (RLR)
5-6Left crossover; right replace
7&8Shuffle steps to the side (LRL)

(Paddle turns x 2, rock-step, coaster step)
1-2Right step forward; pivot turn ¼ left (9:00)
3-4Right step forward; pivot turn ¼ left (6:00)
5-6Right rock forward; left replace
7&8Right step back; left together; right step forward

(Rock-step, cha-cha steps back, sweeping steps back, hold)
1-2Left rock forward; right replace
3&4Cha-cha steps moving slightly back (LRL)
5-6Right sweep back; left sweep back
7-8Right sweep back; hold


(Dance the first 16 counts, then add these steps to finish at 12:00)
(Step forward, pivot turn ½ right, step forward, hold)
1-4Left step forward; pivot turn ½ right; left step forward; hold (12:00)



cheinric March 17, 2014
My students love this dance!! it is beautiful both in its choreography and in the music....I am hoping that Mr. Gifford continues to pick more from Franco Bagutti's works!!!

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