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Cha Cha for All

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Beginner / Improver
Elke Abele (TUR) - November 2013
A Cowboy Wedding - Joni Harms
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Other music selections:-
One night at a time - George Strait
It must be love - Alan Jackson
Kiss me Honey, Honey kiss me - The Deans
Rockin’ all over the world - Status Quo

Start dancing on lyrics

Cross RF, LF back with ¼ turn right, chassé, cross LF, RF back with ¼ turn left,chasse
1 – 2Cross right foot over left foot , ¼ turn right and step left foot back (3:00)
3 & 4Chassé right side (small steps - right, left, right)
5 – 6Cross left foot over right foot , ¼ left and step right foot back (12:00)
7 & 8Chassé left side (small steps - left, right, left)

Cross RF, LF back with ¼ turn right, chassé with ¼ turn right, cross LF, step RF, behind, side, cross
1 – 2Cross right foot over left foot, ¼ turn right and step left foot back (3:00)
3 & 4¼ turn right and chassé to the right side (6:00)
5 – 6Left foot cross over right foot , right foot step to right side
7 & 8Left foot cross behind right, right foot to right side, left foot cross over right
To the Music: A Cowboy Wedding by Joni Harms:
On third wall ending here and Restart the dance again

Side rock with ¼ turn left, right shuffe forward, left rock forward, coaster step
1 – 2Right foot rock out to right side, recover on left foot with ¼ turn left (3:00)
3 & 4Right shuffle forward
5 – 6Left foot rock forward, recover on right foot
7 & 8Step left foot back, step right foot together, step left foot forward

2 Skater steps, right shuffle forward, step, ½ turn right, left shuffle forward
1 – 22 skater steps forward (right, left)
3 & 4Right shuffle forward
5 – 6Step left foot forward, turn ½ right (weight to right)
7 & 8Left shuffle forward

Repeat and smile

To the music: It must be love by Alan Jackson after second wall :
Side rock to right side and Restart the dance again.

Contact: Submitted By - Ozgur TAKAÇ:


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