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Cotton Fields

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Improver - Country
Valerie Hughes (UK) - January 2014
High Cotton - Alabama
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[1-8] Walk x2 Mambo step Shuffle fwd cross rock ¼ turn
1-2Step L fwd Step R fwd
3&4Step L back Step R beside L Step L fwd
5&6Shuffle L fwd Stepping L R L
7&8Cross rock L over R making ¼ turn L (9)

[1-8] Rumba box Heel Switches &Heel Hook Step
1-2Step L to R side Step R back
3&4Step L to L side &Step L fwd
5&6Step R heel fwd & Step L heel fwd
7&8Step R heel fwd & hook R across L Step R in place

[1-8] Step ½ turns Shuffle ½ turn ¼ turn chasse
1-2Step L fwd Pivot ½ turn R
3&4Shuffle ½ turn stepping R L R
5-6Step R back Step L ¼ turn
7&8Step R to R side close L beside R Step R to R side

[1-8] Cross side heelball cross side touch & coaster step.
1-2Cross L over R Step R to R side
3&4Step L heel fwd Step on ball of L & Step R over L
5-6Step L to L side Touch R toe to L
7&8Step back on R Step L beside R & Step R fwd. (6)

Wall 4 There is a Tag, do the following:
Dance thru counts 1-8. Then add Chasse ¼ turn L & walk L&R.
Restart the dance at this point. (6)

Ending: Dance thru counts 1-6 then Step ½ turn R and take a big step fwd.



Pops January 11, 2014
How come a sheet this wrong gets onto this site? I refer to counts 5&6 then ,9-16, 19&20

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