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Lift U Up

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Derek Steele (USA), Brian Randall (USA) & Eryn Miller (USA) - January 2014
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities : (CD: In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery)
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Begin on vocals (32 count intro, one Restart*)

Kick & Touch, Kick & Touch, Toe Strut, Slide Back, Toe Strut, Slide Back
1&2Kick R forward, Step R home, Touch L diagonally back left
3&4Kick L forward, Step L home, Touch R diagonally back right
5&6Touch R forward, Step R down, Slide L toe back
7&8Touch L forward, Step L down, Slide R toe back

Walk R-L, Anchor Step, Turn 1/2 Left, Turn 1/2 Left, Triple 1/2 Turn
1,2Step R forward, Step L forward
3&4Step R behind L, Step L in place, Step R slightly back
5,6Turn 1/2 left stepping L forward (6:00), Turn 1/2 left stepping R back (12:00)
7&8Turn 1/2 left stepping L forward (6:00), R step beside L, L step forward
*Restart here during 2nd repetition (you’ll be facing 9:00 when this happens)

Cross, Side, Sailor Turn 1/4 Right, Walk, Walk, Side Rock & Cross
1,2Step R across L, Step L side left
3&4Step R behind L, Turn 1/4 right (9:00) stepping L side left, Step R side right
5,6Step L forward, Step R forward
7&8Rock L side left, Recover R, Step L across R

Side, Behind & Cross, Side, Touch Back, Turn 1/2 Left, Skate R-L
1,2Step R side right, Step L behind R
&3,4Step R side right, Step L across R, Step R side right
5,6Touch L toe back, Turn 1/2 left (3:00) taking weight L
7,8Skate R, Skate L

Begin again and enjoy!

Contact info: Derek Steele,


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