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Darren Bailey (UK), Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - January 2014
Stars (Grace Potter)
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Intro: 16 counts

Sweep, 3/4 turn R into stretch, Run forward into balance, syncopated back step into vine with sweep.
1,2step LF forward, sweep RF across LF, place weight onto RF
&31/4 turn R stepping back on L, (3.00) 1/2 turn R stepping RF forward (9.00)(option: stretch R arm up)
4&5Step LF forward, Step RF forward, close LF beside R (rise onto toes)
6&7step Rf back, step LF back, 1/4 turn R stepping RF to r side (12.00)
&8Cross LF over R, Step Rf to R side sweeping LF from front to back facing (10.30)

Holds (grow), Spiral L, 1/2 turn feather step, cross, start 1/2 diamond fallaway L
1,2,3hold counts 1,2. option: (open arms pointing LF arm forward into 10.30) keep weight on RF, spiral full turn L (10.30)
4&5curve walk L,R,L making 3/8 turn L squaring up to (6.00)
6,7step RF forward, large step L to L side (start diamond fall away)
8&1step diagonal back R,L (1:30) 1/8 turn R stepping RF to R side (9.00)

Finish 1/2 diamond fallaway L, sways with sweep, cross, side,hitch, behind, side, forward
2&31/8 turn right stepping forward L,R,L (10.30)
4&5weight change onto R as u sway making a 1/4 turn R to face (1:30), weight change onto L as u sway L, Sway to R as you sweep L to front (1.30)
6&7Cross LF over Rf, step RF to R side, step LF behind R as you lift R knee up and hook behind LF (1.30)
8&1place RF down behind LF, step LF to L side, cross RF over L making 1/8 turn L (12.00)

Slow full turn L, rock and cross 1/4 L, 1/4 x2 hinge turns R, 1/2 turn L
2,3make a slow full turn L keep weight on RF, step LF forward (12.00)
4&5rock RF forward, 1/4 turn LF placing weight onto LF, cross RF over L
6,71/4 R stepping LF back (12.00), 1/4 turn R stepping RF to R side (3.00)
8&cross LF over R, 1/4 turn L stepping RF back (12.00) to start the dance again make 1/4 turn LEFT (9.00)

Restarts: after 4 counts on walls 3, 6, 8.



Dani January 21, 2014
AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! <3 this dance! x

nthjjenny November 23, 2015
beautiful dance.

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