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Phrased Intermediate
Wendy Loh (MY) - December 2013
Papi - Jennifer Lopez
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Dance starts at lyrics, 6x8's from beginning of music.
Sequence : A 'b' A B A B B

PART A (8x8)
Section A1 : R touch, Step, L side, Hold, Ball Step & Rock Recover, Behind Side Cross
1,2Touch RF forward, Step RF back
3,4Step LF to side, Hold (Styling : may do a forward body roll)
&5,6Ball Step RF beside LF, Rock LF to side, Recover on RF
7&8Step LF behind RF, Step RF to side, Cross LF over RF (12:00)

Section A2 : R Toe Strut, L Toe Strut, R touch forward, R touch side, Right Sailor Step
1,2Touch RF forward, Step RF in place (Styling : R hip bump)
3,4Touch LF forward, Step LF in place (Styling : L hip bump)
5,6Touch RF forward, Touch RF to side
7&8Step RF back, Step LF together, Step RF to side (12:00)

Section A3 : L Step, 1/2 R Pivot, Prissy Walk L, F
1,2Step LF forward, Step Hold
3,4Turn 1/2 R weight on RF, Hold (6:00)
5,6Step LF forward (Prissy walk), Hold
7,8Step RF forward (Prissy walk), Hold (6:00)

Section A4 : Forward Rock, Recover, 1/2 Turn Forward Cha Cha x2
1,2Rock LF forward, Recover on RF
3&4Turn 1/2 Left and Cha Cha Forward LF, RF, LF (12:00)
5,6Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
7&8Turn 1/2 Right & Cha Cha Forward RF, LF, RF (6:00)

Section A5 : Step L, Hold, Forward Lock Steps, Rock, Recover, Ball Step, Cross, 3/4 Unwind to Right
1,2Step LF forward, Hold
&3Lock RF behind LF, Step LF forward
&4Repeat Steps &3
5,6Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
&7,8Ball Step RF, Cross LF over RF, 3/4 Turn Unwind to Right weight on LF (3:00)

Section A6 : Behind Side Cross, Side, Ball Step Together, Cross, Side, 1/4 Coaster Step
1,2Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to side
3,4Cross RF over LF, Step LF to side
&5,6Step RF together, Cross LF over RF, Step RF to side
7&8Turn 1/4 L & Step LF back, Step RF together, Step LF forward (12:00)

Section A7 : Right Press Step, Together, Left Press Step, Together, Touch, Hold, Hip Bumps
1,2Press ball of RF to side, Step RF beside LF (Styling : Push R arm straight out at side)
3,4Press ball of LF to side, Step LF beside RF (Styling : Push L arm straight out at side)
5,6Touch RF diagonally forward, Hold (Styling : Bend body down toward R leg & roll up quickly)
&7&8Lift R hip & Drop Twice (Styling : Raise both hands above head & clap on count 7,8) (12:00)

Section A8 : Twist, Step, Twist, Step, Back, Hip & Head Movement
&Step RF beside LF,
1,2Touch LF to side & slightly twist body towards R, Step LF beside RF & return to center
3,4Repeat Steps 1,2
5Step RF back & sit on right hip (Styling : Drop R shoulder)
6-8Lift L hip three times (Styling : Tilt head to left side three times)

PART B (6x8)
Section B1 : Stomp x4, R Out, L Out, Big Step to Right, Hold
1,2Stomp RF, Stomp LF (Styling : Throw both hands out above head to R side, then L side)
3,4Repeat Steps 1,2
5,6Step RF diagonally forward, Step LF to side
7,8Do a big step to right on RF & Drag LF together, Hold (12:00)

Section B2 : Swing arms, Step Touch, Step Together
1,2With weight on RF and LF slightly press forward, swing right arm above head & down to side
3,4Repeat Steps 1,2
5,6Step LF to side, Touch RF beside LF
7,8Step RF to side, Step LF beside RF
(Optional : 7,8 Do a knee pop ~ stepping down on RF & pop left knee, Step LF in place & Pop R knee)

Section B3 : Repeat Section A7
1-8Repeat Section A7

Section B4 : Repeat Section A8
1-8Repeat Section A8

Section B5 : Repeat Section B1
1-8Repeat Section B1

Section B6 : Repeat Section B2
1-8Repeat Section B1

Section B7 : R step, Hold, 1/2 L, Hold, Running Man, Step Forward, Together
1,2Step RF forward, Hold
3,4Turn 1/2 L weight on LF, Hold
5,6Running Man ~ Step RF forward & Flick RF back, Step LF forward & Flick RF back
7,8Step RF forward, Step LF together

Section B8 : R Mambo, L Mambo, Out Out In In
1&2Rock RF to side, Recover on LF, Step RF together
3&4Rock LF to side, Recover on RF, Step LF together
5,6Step RF diagonally forward, Step LF to side
7,8Step RF diagonally back, Step LF together

PART 'b' (6x8)
Do Part B but omit Section B5 and B6



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