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Wendy Loh (MY) - December 2013
Dance starts after 32 counts (4x8)

Section 1 : R Forward Cha Cha, L Side Rock, Recover, Step, Brush, Step, 1/2 L Pivot, Hold
1&2Forward Cha Cha RF, LF, RF
3,4Rock LF to L, Recover on RF
&5,6Step LF beside RF, Turn 1/4 L & Brush & Hitch RF, Step RF forward (9:00)
7,8Turn 1/2 L weight on RF & touch LF forward, Hold (3:00)

Section 2 : Hip Lift & Drop, 1/4 L Step, Touch, Step Touch, Touch, 3/4L Unwind
1,2With weight still on RF, push R hip out to side and pull back to center
3,4Step LF in place, Turn 1/4 L & Touch RF to side
5,6Step RF forward, Touch LF to side
7,8Touch RF back, Unwind 3/4 to Left ending with weight on LF(3:00)

Section 3 : Right Mambo, Left Mambo, Step, Step , Walk , Walk, Triple Step
1&2Rock RF forward, Recover on LF, Step RF together
3&Rock LF forward, Recover on RF
4&5Step LF together & lift R heel, Step RF in place & Lift L heel, Step LF in place & Lift R heel
6,7Step RF forward, Step LF forward
8&1Step RF together & Lift L heel, Step LF in place & Lift R heel, Step RF in place & Lift L heel (3:00)

Section 4 : Forward Rock, Recover, 1/2 L, 1/4L, Hip Circle
2,3Rock LF forward, Recover on RF
4,5Turn 1/2L & Step LF forward, Turn 1/4L & Step RF beside LF (6:00)
6-8Do three small hip Circle anti-clockwise

Section 5 : Diagonally forward Lock Step, Walk forward
1&2Diagonally forward Lock Step RF, LF, RF (7:30)
3&4Diagonally forward Lock Step LF, RF, LF (4:30)
5,6Step RF forward & Touch LF beside, Step LF forward & Touch LF beside
7,8Repeat Steps 5,6

Section 6 : R Cross, Side, Right Sailor, L Cross, Side, 1/2 L Sailor
1,2Cross RF over LF, Step LF to side
3&4Step RF back, Step LF together, Step RF to side
5,6Cross LF over RF, Step RF to side
7&8Turn 1/4 L & Step LF back, Step RF together, Turn 1/4L & Step LF forward

Section 7 : Forward Lock Steps, Hip Bump RLR, Sway L then R, Chest Pop
1,2,3Step RF forward, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF forward
4&5Step LF to side & Hip bump R, L, R
6,7Sway hips to L then R side
&8&1Chest pop out, in, out, in

Section 8 : Cross, 1/4L, Step, Push hip back & in
2,3,4Cross LF over RF, Turn 1/4L & Step RF back, Step LF to side
&5Push shoulders forward & hips back, Return to upright
6,7,8R hip bump, L hip bump twice



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