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Tequila Tango

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K. Sholes (USA) - January 2014
He Drinks Tequila - Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw
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Tag: Step, Pause, Side-together, Step, Pause, Side-together
1-4Step forward L, Pause (Snap fingers), Step R to side, Step L next to R.
5-8Step forward R, Pause (Snap fingers), Step L to side, Step R next to L.

Cross Walk-Pause Forward X 4
1-4Step L forward across R, Pause, Step R forward across L, Pause.
5-8Repeat above 4 count

Step-together, Cha-Cha-Cha X 2
1 2 3&4Step L to side, Step R together, Step down L,R,L.
5 6 7&8Step R to side, Step L together, Step down R,L,R.

Turning Strut Jazz-box
1-4Cross L toe over R, Step down on L heel, Step R toe back, Step down on R heel.
5-8Step L toe 1/4 to left, Step down on L heel, Step R forward, Step down on R heel.

Begin Again!

4 count Tag on each front & back wall before beginning pattern:
1-4Bump hips L, R, L, R

Facing front the 3rd time (wall 9) add 8 extra counts to existing tag:
1-2 3-4 5,6,7,8. Bump hips L, Pause, Bump hips R, Pause, Bump hips L,R,L,R
*for extra styling during: 1st 8 count raise arms up in "Ole" position (one arm bent up from elbow, one arm bent across chest) and snap during pause

2nd 8 count hold arms out to sides during weave as if performing a sobriety test (He drinks Tequila after all)

4th 8 count ladies roll shoulders & move hands over hips or thighs (Rosie is taking off her stockings & dancing in her jammies)



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