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Fall In Love

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Pat Stott (UK) - November 2013
Never Gonna Fall in Love - Tim Redmond
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16 Count Intro

Sect 1: Side, Cross, Side, Diagaonal Kick (X 2)
1 – 2Step Right To Right Side. Cross Left Over Right.
3 – 4Step Right To Right Side. Kick Left To Left Diagonal.
5 – 6Step Left To Left Side. Cross Right Over Left.
7 – 8Step Left To Left Side. Kick Right To Right Diagonal.

Sect 2: Walk Forward X 3, 1/2 Turn With Flick, Walk Forward X 3, Scuff
1 – 2Walk Forward Right. Walk Forward Left.
3 – 4Walk Forward Right. Turn 1/2 Right On Right And Flick Left Back.
5 – 6Walk Forward Left. Walk Forward Right.
7 – 8Walk Forward Left. Scuff Right Forward.
Option 5 - 8: Walk Forward Left. Full Turn Left Stepping Right Back, Left Forward. Scuff Right.

Sect 3: Rocking Chair With Look Back, Rocking Chair
1 – 2Rock Forward On Right. Recover Onto Left.
3 – 4Rock Back On Right Looking Back Over Right Shoulder. Rock Back
5 – 8Rock Forward On Right. Recover Onto Left. Rock Back On Right. Recover Onto Left.

Sect 4: Step Paddle X 2 Turning 1/4 Left, Jazz Jump Forward, Hold/Clap, Hip Bumps
1 – 2Step Right Forward Paddle 1/8 Turn Left.
3 – 4Step Right Forward. Paddle 1/8 Turn Left. (3:00)
Option 1 - 4: Roll Hips Anticlockwise During Paddle Turns.
& 5Jump Forward Right. Jump Forward Left (Feet Apart).
6Hold And Clap.
7 – 8Bump Hips Right. Bump Hips Left.

Tag End Of Wall 8 (Facing 12:00): Repeat Sections 3 And 4
1 – 16Repeat From Rocking Chairs To End, Then Restart From The Beginning.

Ending Music Slows Down When Dancing Rocking Chairs: Slow Down To Fit The Music Then:
Cross Right Over Left And Slowly Unwind To Face Front. Then Put Your Hands Into The Shape Of A Heart And Hold ..... Awwww!

For Fun Sometimes During Rocking Chair In Section 3 Don’t Look Back: Instead Smile At The Person In Front When They Look Back At You.
Raise Arms To Shoulder Height And ‘Whooo’ When Doing The 1/2 Turn In Section 2.


Totty February 17, 2014
Great videos everyone, thank you very much for recording them hope you have lots of fun with the dance.
Pat Stott xxxx

Tiptoes February 18, 2014
Nice little beginner dance.

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