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Kerry Maus (USA) & Sara Young - February 2014
Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida) - Olly Murs
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[12 count intro]

Forward Walk, Step lock step, side point, knee up, side point
1 2Walk forward R, forward L,
3 4forward R, hold (4),
&5 6lock L behind R, step fwd R, Point L toe to L side
7&8hold(7), Knee up, Point left toe to left side

Ronde, sit/knee pop, Backward body rolls, cross unwind w/ ½ turn, toe stand
1, 2¼ Turn sweep L front to back, Sit back with weight on L, pop R knee forward
3&4Step back R foot, L ball-heel with a body roll.
5&6Step Back R, L ball-heel with a body roll.
7&8Cross R over L, unwind ½ turn, Toe stand.
[Restart here in walls 2, 5, 9]

Weave, Heel Jack, Spiral Turn, Crossing Shuffle
1 2&Step R to R side. Cross L behind R, Step R to R side
3&4Cross R over L, Step R to R side, L Heel out at L Diagonal
&5 6L ball-cross R over L, Unwind full turn L (Counter-clockwise) put weight on R
7 8&1Step L to L side, crossing R over L(8), Step L to L side(&), Cross R over L (1)

Step, Toe Touch, Toe Struts, ¼ turn
2Step L to L side,
3 4Touch R toe behind (turn head to the L), step R to R side turning ¼,
5& 6&Step L Fwd Toe, Heel, Step R Fwd Toe, Heel
7 8Step L Fwd Pivot ¼ R, touch R foot beside L while popping hip to the L

Wall 2 after 16 counts
Wall 5 after 16 counts
Wall 9 after 16 counts


Last Update - 21st Feb 2014


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