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Celtic Cups

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Carol Cotherman (USA) - February 2014
32 count intro or 16 count musical intro

"The dance was choreographed to and the demo was performed to the 2:27 version, however, the phrasing works fine for the 2:08 version also."

For my dancing friends who feel a Celtic rhythm in this song!

Step/Stomp, Hold, Ball, Step, Step ½, Step/Stomp, Kickball Step/Stomp
1-2&3Step/stomp right forward (1), hold (2), step ball of left beside right (&), step right forward (3)
4-5-6-7&8Step left forward, pivot ½ right taking weight on right, step/stomp left forward, kick right forward, step right ball in place, step/stomp left in place (6:00)

Heel, Hold, Step, Heel, Step, Toe Touch, ¼ Turn, Kick, Coaster Step
1-2&3&4Touch right heel forward (1), hold (2), step right in place (&), touch left heel forward (3), step left in place (&), touch right toe in place next to left with right knee pointed to left (4)
5-6-7&8Pivot ¼ right on toe dropping heel (5), kick left forward (6), step left back, step right beside left, step left forward (9:00)
(Restart here on wall 4. Wall 4 starts facing 9:00. Restart facing 6:00)

Step, Hold, Ball, Step, Scuff, ¼ Hitch, Step, Hold, Ball, Step, Scuff, Hitch
1-2&3-4&Step right forward to right diagonal (1), hold (2), step left ball behind right (&), step right forward still on diagonal (3), Scuff left heel (4), hitch left knee pivoting ¼ left on right foot (&) (6:00)
5-6&7-8&Step left forward to left diagonal (5), hold (6), step right ball behind left (&), step left forward still on diagonal (7), Scuff right heel (8), hitch right knee (&)

Rock, Recover, ¾ Triple Turn, Rock, Recover, Step/Stomp, Scuff, Hitch
1-2-3&4Rock right forward, recover on left, ¾ triple turn right stepping right, left, right in place (3:00)
5-6-7-8&Rock left forward, recover on right, step/stomp left in place, scuff right heel (8), hitch right knee (&)


Restart: on Wall 4 after 16 counts



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