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Off The Road!

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Beginner / Improver Contra
Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - March 2014
Are You Ready to Party - DJ Bobo : (Album: Circus)
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Intro: 64 Count (Start on Lyrics “Everybody Let’s Wave Your Hands”)

Dedicated to “Mad” Lizzie Clarke for her Life Time of fun On the Dance floor!! Tatty Bye!

Released at Lizzie’s “Off The Road” Party, March 2014

Side Rock. Behind-Side-Cross. Point Forward. Point Side. Left Sailor 1/4 Turn.
1 – 2Rock Right out to Right side. Recover weight on Left.
3&4Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left side. Cross step Right over Left and slightly forward.
5 – 6Point Left toe forward. Point Left toe out to Left side.
7&8Cross Left behind Right making 1/4 turn Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left.

Forward Rock. Shuffle Back. Coaster Step. Stomp. Claps Hands Twice.
1 – 2Rock forward on Right. Recover weight back on Left.
3&4Step back on Right. Close Left beside Right. Step back on Right.
5&6Step back on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left.
7&8Stomp forward on Right. Clap Hands Twice.

Forward Rock. & Heel-Hold. & Forward Rock. Touch. Pivot 1/2 Turn Left.
1 – 2Rock forward on Left. Recover weight back on Right.
&3-4Step back on Left foot. Dig Right heel forward. Hold.
&5-6Step Right beside Left. Rock forward on Left. Recover weight back on Right.
7 – 8Touch/Point Left toe back. Pivot 1/2 turn Left transferring weight forward onto Left.

Step Pivot 1/2 Left. Step Pivot 1/4 Left. Right Jazz Box-Cross.
1 – 2Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Left.
3 – 4Step Right forward. Pivot 1/4 turn Left.
5 – 8Cross Right over Left. Step back on Left. Step Right to Right side. Cross step Left over Right.

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