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Nashville Without You

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Cassey Rowe (UK) - March 2014
Nashville Without You - Tim McGraw
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14 count intro start on the word 'just' ... It be just (count then

Cross rock, cross rock, 1/2 turn, step fwd, 3/4 turn right
1-2Right cross rock over left, recover onto Left
&Right ball next to Left
3-4Left cross rock over Right, recover onto Right
&Left ball next to Right
5-6Right step forward, pivot 1/2 turn Left (6.00)
7Right step forward
8&1Left step back 1/2 turn Right, Right step 1/4 turn Right, Left cross over Right (3.00)

Side rock, recover, cross, side rock, recover, cross, side rock, behind, side, cross
2&3Right rock to right side, recover onto Left, Right cross over Left (3.00)
4&5Left rock to left side, recover onto Right, Left cross over Right (3.00)
6-7Right rock to Right side, recover onto Left
8&1Right cross behind Left, Left step to left side, Right cross over Left (3.00)*****TAG/RESTART

Unwind 1/2 Left, sailor, sailor 1/4 turn Right, 1/2 turn Right
2Unwind 1/2 turn Left (weight on Right) (9.00)
3&4Left sailor step
5&6Right sailor step with 1/4 turn Right (12.00)
7&8Left step forward, pivot 1/2 turn Right, Left step forward (6.00)

Full turn Left, step back, back rock, recover
1&2Full turn Left on the spot (R,L,R) (6.00)
3Left step back
4&Right rock back, recover onto Left (6.00)

TAG/RESTART Wall 4 Unwind 3/4 turn Left to face (12.00) and add a ball step on Left



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