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Put Your Hands Up

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Ann-Charlott "Lottie" Hertzman (SWE) - May 2014
16 count intro

[1-8] R & L mambo, R forward, Turn ½ twice
1&2Rock right to right side, Recover on to left, Step right next to left
3&4Rock left to left side, Recover on to right, Step left next right
5-6Step right forward, Turn ½ left
7-8Step right forward, Turn ½ left

[9-16] R & L skate, R shuffle, L & R skate, L shuffle
1-2Slightly forward skate right, left
3&4Slightly to right diaginal step right forward, Step left next to right, Step right forward
5-6Slightly forward skate left, right
7&8Slightly to left diaginal step left forward, Step right next to left, Step left forward

[17-24] R rock step, Turn ¾ right shuffle, L rock step, Turn ½ left shuffle
1-2Rock right forward, Recover on to left
3&4Shuffle turn ¾ right stepping right, left, right
5-6Rock left forward, Recover on to right
7&8Turn ¼ left step left to left side, Step right next to left, Turn ¼ left step left to left forward

[25-32] R jazzbox, L forward, R forward, Hold, Hips R & L
1-2Cross right over left, Step left back
3-4Step right to right side, Step left forward
5-8Step right forward, Hold, Hips sway right forward, left back (weight on left)

Start over and

Have fun on the floor!!!



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