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I Got it Easy

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Easy Intermediate waltz
Rob Fowler (ES) - May 2014
I Got It Easy - Michael Bublé
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Start after approx. 39 secs.

Section 1: Basic ½ turn left, Basic Waltz back [6 o clock]
1-2Step forward on left foot. Half turn left stepping back on right foot.
3Step left foot beside right
4-5Step back right, Step left beside right.
6Step right beside left

Section 2: Step forward ¼ turn left, hold , full rolling turn right [3 o clock]
1 -3Step forward on left foot. Turn a quarter turn left touching right toe out to side. Hold
4Step a quarter turn right on right foot
5Step back on left foot turning a half turn right.
6Complete full turn stepping right foot to side

Section 3: Left cross rock step side, weave left [3 o clock]
1-2Cross left front in front of right. Rock back onto right foot
3Step left foot to side
4 -5Cross right in front of left. Step left foot to side
6Cross right behind left

Section 4: Slide left, Slide right [3 o clock]
1 -3Large step on Left to left side. Drag right beside left over 2 counts & touch
4 - 6Large step on right to right side. Drag left foot to right over 2 counts & touch

Section 5: Rock back step side, rock back step side [3 o clock]
1 – 3Step back onto left foot, recover onto right. Step left foot to side
4 –6Step back onto right foot, recover onto left. Step right foot to side

Section 6: Cross in front, 1/4 turn left, 1/4 turn left [4:30 o’clock]
(The next 12 counts creates a diamond shape to face 6 oclock wall)
1Step diagonally forward right with left foot 1 o’clock
2 - 3Step back onto right foot, turning to face ¼ left. Step left foot beside right
4Step diagonally-back right with right foot.
5 - 6Step back on left, turning to face ¼ left. Step right foot beside left 11 o’clock

Section 7: Quarter turn left ,back step side drag [10:30 o’clock]
1Step diagonally-forward left on left foot
2 - 3Step right beside left turning to face ¼ left. Step back on left
4Step diagonally-back right on right foot
5 - 6Step to left on left foot to side. Drag right beside left

Section 8: Cross Rock, ¼ turn Right, ¾ turn pivot with sweep [6.00 o’clock]
1 - 2Cross right in front of left. Recover onto left.
3Step right foot quarter turn right 9 o clock
4 - 5Step forward left. Pivot half turn right [3:00]
6Sweep left foot around turning a quarter turn right. Keep weight on right to restart the dance. 6 o’clock

(Alternative ending – Cross rock ¼ turn right, sweep left foot around ¾ turn right keeping weight on the right foot)

Last Update - 11th June 2014


jennifer182 June 7, 2014
Auld like to teach this however section 6 doesn't make sense - has the sheet been written up wrong here?

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