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Not That Guy

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Shelly Guichard (UK) & Mark Guichard (UK) - June 2014
Not That Guy - Jenifer Brening : (Album: Emmawards Compilation 2014 - iTunes)
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Count in: 32 counts from start of track.

Section 1: Rock Back Recover, Kick & Cross, Side Hold & Side Cross
1-2Rock back on right, recover left.
3&4Kick right forward, step right beside left, cross left over right.
5-6Step right to right side, hold for 1 count.
&78Step left beside right, step right to right side, cross left over right. 12 o’clock.

Section 2: Point Right Hold, Point Left, Kick Left, Left Coaster Step, Step Pivot ½.
1-2Point right toe to right side, hold for 1 count.
&34Step right beside left, point left to left side, kick left forward.
5&6Step back on left, step right beside left, step forward on left.
7-8Step forward on right, pivot ½ turn over left. 6 o’clock.

Section 3: Right Shuffle Forward, Pivot ½ Turn, ½ Shuffle Back, Walk Back Right Left.
1&2Step forward right, step left next to right, step forward right.
3-4Step forward on left, pivot ½ turn over right.
5&6Shuffle ½ turn over right, stepping back left right left.
7-8Walk back right, walk back left. 6 o’clock

Section 4: Right Coaster Step, Step Point, Sailor ¼ Right, Step Pivot ¼ Right
1&2Step back on right, step left next to right, step forward on right.
3-4Step forward on left, touch right to right side.
5&6Cross right behind left, Make ¼ turn right, stepping left beside right step forward on right.
7-8Step forward on left, pivot ¼ turn right. 12 o’clock. (Restart here)

Section 5: Cross Shuffle, Side Touch kick & Cross, Side Touch
1&2Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right.
3-4Step right to right side, touch left beside right.
5&6Kick left forward, step back on left, cross right over left
7-8Step left to left side, touch right beside left, 12 o’clock.

Section 6: Chasse Right, Back Rock, Shuffle Back ¼ Right, Back Rock
1&2Step right to right side, step left beside right, step right to right side.
3-4Rock back on left, recover right.
5&6Turning ¼ right, step back left, step right next to left, step back on left.
7-8Rock back on right, recover on to left. 3 o’clock.

Section 7: Figure of 8 Vine, ¼ Turn Left.
1-2Step right to right side, cross left behind right.
3-4Turn ¼ right stepping forward right, step forward left.
5-6Pivot ½ turn over right, turn ¼ right stepping left to left side.
7-8Cross right behind left, turn ¼ left stepping forward on left. 12 o’clock

Section 8: Rock Recover, ½ Shuffle, Jump Forward, Jump Back.
1-2Rock forward on right recover on to left.
3&4½ Shuffle over right, stepping right left right.
&56Small jump forward stepping out left right
&78Small jump back left right. Keep weight on left foot. 6 o’clock

Restart On Wall 5.
At the end of section 4, when you pivot ¼ right, touch right beside left ready to Restart the dance.



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