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Double Shot Of Crown

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High Beginner
Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - June 2014
Bartender - Lady A
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Diagonal Step Lock, Shuffle x2
1-2Step right forward diagonally, Lock Left foot behind right
3&4Diagonal forward shuffle Right, Left, Right
5-6Step Left forward diagonally, Lock Right foot behind left
7&8Diagonal forward shuffle Left, Right, Left

Forward Rock, Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle, ¼ Turn, Touch, Kick Ball Cross
1-2Rock forward on Right, Recover to Left foot
3&4Half turn right shuffle Right, Left, Right (6:00)
5-6Quarter turn right stepping forward on Left (9:00), Touch Right next to left
7&8Right Kick Ball Cross left over right

¼ Turn L, Step Together, Triple ½ Turn L, Walk Back, Step Together, Coaster
1-2Quarter turn Left stepping back on Right, Step Left together (6:00)
3&4Left Half turn shuffle stepping back Right, Left, Right (12:00)
5-6Walk back on Left, Walk Back on Right
7&8Step Back on Left, Step Right next to left, Step Left forward

Step 1/8 Turn, Hold, Step 1/8 Turn, Hold, ½ Turn Pivot, Shuffle Forward
1-2Small turn right stepping on Right , Hold
&3-4Step Left together, Small turn right stepping on Right, Hold (3:00)
5-6Step Left forward, Pivot half turn –weight on right (9:00)
7&8Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left

Repeat and ENJOY!



dancingmimi June 21, 2014
I absolutely love this dance! It fits perfectly with the song and feels like your floating on air as you dance.

Dean Hooks Jr. June 28, 2014
Fun dance. This is def. a High Beginner dance. Is there a teach video for this dance by any chance?

JFD July 10, 2014
Love this dance - I'll be teaching it tonight and it already has fans as I have provided a link to the demo!!

countrydejay October 2, 2014
Love this dance.Taught it tonight at my class.It's a fun dance !!!!

#1DucksFan October 8, 2014
Love the dance and the song :)

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