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Laughing All The Way

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Easy Intermediate
Sherri Busser (USA) - June 2014
River Bank - Brad Paisley
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Alt. music:-
Black Caffeine by Emmylou Harris;
Country Girl (Shake It For Me) by Luke Bryan
Ain't Misbehavin' by Hank Williams (slow teach song)

32-Count Intro. Weight on L.

Forward Rock/Recover, ½ Turn Triple, Step Turn ½, Side Rock/Recover, Cross
1-2,Rock R foot forward, step L foot in place
3&4Step R foot ¼ turn right, step L next to R, step R foot forward ¼ right (6)
5-6Step L foot forward, turn ½ right, weight to right (12)
7&8Rock L to side, step R in place, step L slightly across R (5th position)

Toe & Heel x 2, Step, Point & Point, Step, Scuff-Hitch-Cross
1&2&Touch R toe behind L heel, step together on R, touch L heel fwd, step L together
3&4&Repeat 1&2&
5&6&Point R to side, step together R, point L to side, step together L
7&8Scuff R heel, small hitch with R, step R across L

Back Lock Step, Coaster Step, Step Forward Diag L, Hip Bumps, Step Forward R Diag, Hip Bumps
1&2,Step L back, step R back across L, step L back
3&4Step R back, step L together, Step R forward
5&6Step L forward on L diagonal bumping hips forward, back, forward
7&8Step R forward on R diagonal bumping hips forward, back, forward

Rock Forward/Recover, Ball, Cross, Turn ½ L, Back Rock/Recover, Out-Out-In-Touch
1-2Rock L forward, step R in place
&3-4Step ball of L slightly back, cross R over L, turn ½ L weight to R (6)
5-6Rock L back, Step R in place
&7&8Step L side, step R side, step L home, touch R next to L

Start over. No Tags. No restarts. Just have fun!

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Sandkruser July 3, 2014
Great Dance - works to a lot of songs. Can vary from country to West Coast Swing. Fun, nice dance.

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