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Drunk on a Plane

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Dee Blansett (USA) - June 2014
Drunk On a Plane - Dierks Bentley
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Class Instructor: Dee Blansett, Concord, Ohio

Rock Back, Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn Left, Back Left, Back Right, Coaster Step
1-2Rock back on Right (1), Recover onto Left (2)
3&4Step Right ¼ turn left (3), Step Left beside right (&), Step Right back ¼ turn left (4)
Note: on steps 3&4 you will be shuffling back toward 12:00
5-6Step back on Left (5), Step back on Right (6)
7&8Step back on Left (7), Step Right beside left (&), Step forward on Left (8)

Heel Grind ¼ Turn Right, Coaster Step, Shuffle Forward Left, Sway-Sway
1-2Touch Right heel forward, toe pointed slightly right (1), Grind Right heel and do a ¼ turn to the right (2)
3&4Step Right back (3), Step Left next to right (&), Step forward Right (4)
5&6Step forward Left (5), Step Right beside left (&), Step forward Left (6)
7-8Sway/Rock Right side right (7), Recover to Left (8)
Restart here on wall 5 facing 9:00

Behind-Side-Cross; Sway- Sway, behind-side-Cross, Rock forward, Recover
1&2Cross/Step Right behind left (1), Step Left side left (&), Cross/Step Right over left (2)
3-4Rock Left side left (3), Recover onto Right (4)
5&6Cross/Step Left behind right (5), Step Right side right (&), Cross/Step Left over right (6)
7-8Rock forward on Right (7), Recover to Left (8)

¼ Turn Shuffle Right, Step ¼ Turn Right- Side Step, Drag, Right Kick-Ball-Cross, Side Rock
1&2Step Right 1/8 turn right (1), Step Left beside right (&), Step Right 1/8 turn right (2)
3-4Step ¼ turn Right – Big step Left side left (3), Drag Right toward left (4) weight on Left
5&6Right Kick-Ball-Cross
7-8Rock right side right (7), Recover on left (8)
Tag: Add 4 counts at the end of Wall 9 Facing 9:00 – Reverse Rocking Chair


*1 Restart - On wall 5 dancing 16 counts of the dance and restart facing 9:00
*1 Tag - At end of Wall 9 Facing 9:00 add a Reverse Rocking Chair.
Rock back on Right (1), Recover to Left (2), Rock forward on Right (3), Recover on Left (4)

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Last and FINAL update - 3rd July 2014


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