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99 Years
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Bill Larson - Luke Watson - (May 2019, V1.0)
99 Years by Josh Groban & Jennifer Nettles, Album: Bridges 4.02, 72 BPM
Start on Lyrics approx. 13 counts into track. Dance moves in CW direction

Step Side, Behind, 1/4 Fwd, Step 1/2 Turn, Sweep Back X2 Step, Back, Coaster, Lock Shuffle.
1,2,&Step R to R side, Step L behind R, making 1/4 Turn R Step fwd onto R (3.00)
3making 1/2 Turn R Step back on L Sweeping R front to back (9.00)
4,5Step Back on R sweeping L front to back, Step back on L sweeping R front to back
6&7Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step fwd onto R
8&1Step fwd onto L, Step/Lock R behind L, Step fwd onto L

Step Spiral 3/4 Turn, Side Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Step Side, Rock Recover, Step 1/2 Turn
2Step fwd onto R making a 3/4 spiral turn L (12.00)
3&4Step L to L, Step R beside L, Step L to L
5&6Step/Rock R behind L, Recover weight fwd onto L, Step R to R
7&8Step/Rock L behind R, Recover weight fwd onto R, making 1/2 Turn R Step Back on L (6.00)
## Restart 1: on wall 3 after 16 counts facing 12.00

Back, Knee Pop, Recover, Sweep, Cross, Rock, Recover 1/8 Turn, Coaster 1/4 Turn, Fall Away 1/4 Turn
1Stepping back on R popping L knee fwd,
2Recover weight onto L, Sweeping R from back to front
3&4Cross R in front of L, Step/Rock L to L, Recover weight onto R making 1/8 turn R (7.30)
5&6Step fwd on L, making 1/4 turn L Step R beside L, (4.30), Step back on L
7&Step Back onto R, making 1/4 turn L Step fwd onto L (1.30)
8&Step R to R Side straightening up to (12.00), Cross L In front of R, (fall away)
### Restart 2 on wall 6 facing 6.00

Step, Hinge Turn, 1-1/4 Turn, Pivot Half Turn, Step 1/2 Turn, Step 1/4 Turn, Step Fwd, Lock
1,2Step R to R side, making 1/2 Turn L Step L to L side pointing R to R side (6.00)
3&making 1/4 turn R Step fwd onto R, (9.00) making 1/2 Turn R Step Back onto L (3.00)
4making 1/2 Turn R Step Fwd onto R (9.00)
5&6Step fwd onto L, Pivot 1/2 turn R, Step fwd onto L (3.00)
7&making 1/2 turn L Step back onto R (9.00), making 1/4 turn L Step L to L, (6.00) (&)
8&1making 1/8 turn L Step fwd onto R (4.30), Step L behind R (&), Step/Rock fwd onto R

1/4 Turn Rock Side, Recover, Step 1/4 Turn, Full Turn, Walk 3/4 Turn
2,3making 1/4 turn L Rock L to L (1.30), Recover weight onto R
4&making 1/4 turn L Step fwd onto L, (10.30) making 1/2 turn L Step Back onto R (&) (4.30)
5making 1/2 turn L Step fwd onto L (10.30)
6,7making 1/8 turn L Step fwd on R (9.00), making 1/4 turn L Step fwd on L (6.00)
8&making 1/4 turn L Step fwd onto R (3.00), Step L beside R (&)

Bill Larson - bill_larson@hotmail.com
Luke Watson - uberlinedance@gmail.com

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