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I Believe

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High Intermediate
Alison Johnstone (AUS) & David Hoyn (AUS) - July 2014
I Believe (feat. Martha Marlow) - Michael Yezerski : (Album: A Place To Call Home - OST)
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TAG: End of Wall 1 Facing 6 O/c - Very Easy-
Long Step Right, Back Rock, Recover (a), Big Step Left and Drag-

Start: On vocals

(1-8) Long Step Right, Back Rock, Recover (a), ¼ Left Stepping On Left, Pivot ½ Over Left, Step Sweep, Step Sweep, Weave Right (3.00)
1, 2aLong step Right, Rock Left behind Right, Recover Right (a)
3, 4a¼ over Left Stepping Left forward (9.00), Step forward Right, Pivot ½ over Left (a) (3.00)
5, 6,Step forward Right sweeping Left , Step forward Left sweeping Right
7a8aCross Right over Left, Side Left (a), Step Right behind Left, Side Left (a)

(9-16) Cross Rock, Recover, Side (a), Cross Unwind ¾ Over Right, Ball Step Left (a), Pivot ¼ Over Left To 7.30, Cross & Cross (9.00)
1, 2aCross Rock Right over Left, Recover on Left, Step Right to Side (a)
3, 4Cross Left over Right, Unwind ¾ to (12.00) keeping weight Right,
a5, 6Ball Step Left (a), Step forward Right, Pivot ¼ over Left to (9.00)
7a8Cross Right over Left, Side Left (a), Cross Right over Left

(17-24) Hinge ½ Over Right Stepping Back on Left Then Side on Right, Cross Rock, Recover, ¼ Over Left (&), Rock Forward, Recover,½ Over Right (&), Full Spin Finish Side(6.00)
1, 2Step Back Left hinge turning ¼ over Right (12.00), Step ¼ Right stepping Right to side (3.00)
3, 4aCross Left over Right, Recover on Right, ¼ over Left (12.00) stepping Left forward (a)
5, 6aRock forward Right, Recover Left, ½ over Right stepping forward Right (a) (6.00)
7a8½ over Right stepping back Left, ½ over Right stepping forward Right (a), Left to Side drag Right towards Left
** Easy Option For Finish Small Step Forward, Together Right(a), Step Left Side Dragging Right Towards Left**


TAG: End Wall 1 Facing Back- Long Step Right, Back Rock Recover (1,2a), Long Step Left Drag Right (3,4)

ENDING: End Wall 4 Facing Front Take a BIG SLOW Drag the music stops The Vocals Start and then the BEAT starts. Start the Dance on the BEAT (Wall 5) you will dance up to 4 of SECTION 2 (count 12 Of Dance after the Cross Unwind) You will be facing Front

This beautiful track has hesitations on counts 12 of dance on wall 1 and 3 and at the end of Wall 2….stick with the counts and enjoy dancing continuing on the beat. Once you know the song it is very easy. However it is a dancers dance and these hesitations are what make the dance level High Intermediate

**This dance was choreographed for my recent Breast Cancer Charity workshop in Johor Bahru and it is dedicated to everyone who is having to deal with any trauma big or small……….. BELIEVE….there are lots who care and love you – Alison J **

Last Update - 25th Sept 2014


JeanneG July 3, 2014
A beautiful and graceful dance. Love it.

jordie July 9, 2014
Thankyou to Alison and David, a great dance, one we all can do.....sandy

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