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We Go Together

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Amy Glass (USA), Lily Iguchi (JP), Alison Johnstone (AUS), Jennifer Choo, Yeo Yu Puay (MY), Jaszmine Tan (MY), John Ng (SG) & Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG) - July 2014
We Go Together - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John : (Album: OST Grease)
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Amy Glass (USA), Lily Iguchi (Japan), Alison Johnstone(Australia), Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (Malaysia), Yeo Yu Puay (Malaysia), Jaszmine Tan (Malaysia), John Ng (Singapore), Sobrielo Philip Gene (Singapore) July 2014

Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] Heel Touch, Toe Touch, Forward Shuffle, Heel Heel Behind side cross
1-2Touch Right heel forward(1), touch Right toe back(2)
3&4Step Right forward(3), step Left beside Right(&), Step Right forward(4)
5-6Touch Left heel diagonally forward twice(5,6) (push both hands palms forward in the left diagonal)
7&8Step Left behind Right(7), Step Right to right(&), Cross Left over Right(8)
Hand action: Push both hands (palms forward) up into the left diagonal

[9-16] Charleston, Hip bumps with hands
1-2Swing Right from back to front to point toe forward(1), swing Right back and step back(2)
3-4Swing left from front to back to point toe back(3), swing Left forward and step forward(4)
5&6Step right to right and Bump hips right(5), left(&), right(6)
7&8Bump hips left(7), right(&), left(8) weight ends on left
Hand action for 5-8: Hands slightly clenched and placed in front of body going up and down alternatively like playing drums: right hand up and left down(5), left up and right down(&), right up and left down(6), left up and right down (7), right up and left down(&), left up and right down(8)

[17-24] Jazz Box, Cross Side Sailor ¼ turn with touch
1-2Cross Right over Left(1), Step Left back(2)
3-4Step Right to right(3), step Left beside Right(4)
5-6Cross Right over Left(5), step Left to left(6)
7&8Step Right behind Left(7), turning ¼ right, step Left slightly to left(&), touch Right beside Left(8) (3.00)
Hand Action for 1-4: With Jazz hands fingers spread open and doing spirit fingers(wiggle them), palms facing forward, bring hands up at respective sides for 3 counts and then down on count 4.

[25-32] Forward Shuffle, ½ pivot, Forward, Touch, Back, Heel, Step, Touch
1&2Step Right forward(1), Step Left beside Right(&), Step Right forward(2)
3-4Step Left forward(3), turn ½ right, shifting weight to Right(4)
5-6&Step Left forward(5), Touch Right toe behind Left(6), Step Right back(&)
7&8Touch Left heel forward into the left diagonal(7), Step Left beside Right(&), Touch R toe beside Left(8) (9.00)

Ending: Dance will end on the 9.00 wall, look to the front and SMILE!!!



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