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Dangerous In Love

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Absolute Beginner
Vikki Morris (UK) - July 2014
Start 32 counts (approx. 19 secs)

S1: Walk Right, Left, Right Point Left, Walk Back Left, Right, Left, Touch Right
1 2Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left
3 4Walk forward Right, Touch Left Toe forward
(optional Left hip bump with an “oooh” as you touch toe forward)
5 6Walk back Left, Walk back Right
7 8Walk back Left, Touch Right next to Left

S2: Right Side Mambo, Left Side Mambo, Stomp Right, Stomp Left
1 2 3Rock Right to Right side, Recover on Left, Step Right next to Left
4 5 6Rock Left to Left side, Recover on Right, Step Left next to Right
7 8Stomp forward Right, Stomp Left slightly to Left side (standing feet apart)

S3:Clap Neighbours Hands x2, Clap Own Hands x2, Clap Neighbours Hands x 2, Clap Own Hands x2
1 2Palms out to each side, clap hands with the persons on both sides of you twice (look to the Right)
3 4Clap your own hands twice (look forward)
5 6Palms out to each side, clap hands with the persons on both sides of you (look to the Left)
7 8Clap your own hands twice (look forward)

S4: Right Vine Touch Left, Left Vine ¼ Turn Left, Hitch Right
1 2Step Right to Right side, Cross Left behind Right
3 4Step Right to Right side, Touch Left next to Right
5 6Step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left
7 8Turn ¼ Turn Left, Hitch Right (9 o clock)

Start again & SMILE

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genie October 28, 2014
Fantastic little absolute Beginner dance - loys of fun !

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