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All Bass No Treble

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Jonno Liberman (USA) & Alix Liberman (USA) - July 2014
All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor
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Dance begins after 32 counts. - No Tags - No Restarts

[1-8] Touch, Step, Touch, Step, Jazz Box (12:00)
1, 2Touch R toe forward, Step R forward
3, 4Touch L tow forward, Step L forward
5, 6Cross R over L, Step L back
7, 8Step R to right side, Step L forward

[9-16] ¼ Pivot L w/Hip Roll, L Hip Bump 2x, Step R, L Touch , Step L, R Touch (9:00)
1-2Step R forward and pivot ¼ to the left with a counter clockwise hip roll (9:00)
3&4Bump hip to the left two times
5, 6Step R to the right side, Touch L together
7, 8Step L to the left side, Touch R together

[17-24] R Side Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Shuffle ¼ L, Rock, Recover (6:00)
1&2Step R to right side, Step L together, Step R to right side
3, 4Rock L behind R , Recover weight onto R
5&6Step L ¼ turn to the left (6:00), Step R together, Step L forward
7, 8Rock R forward, Recover weight onto L

[25-32] Back ¼ R, L Touch In, L Touch Out, L Touch In; L ¼ L, Hitch R ¼ L, Side Rock, Recover (3:00)
1, 2Step R back as you turn ¼ to the right (9:00), Touch L together
3, 4Touch L out to the left side, Touch L together
5, 6Step L ¼ to the left (6:00), Hitch R as you turn ¼ to the left (3:00)
7, 8Rock R to the right side, Recover weight onto L

Dance Your Yaaas Off

Last Update: 6 Oct 2023


NikkiC November 8, 2014
All of the demo videos load as "Unavailable in your country" (U.S.)

Tracey December 1, 2014
I would love to be able to view the videos as well...

Jonno December 3, 2014
If you're having trouble with the YouTube videos, try this link:

Diane Ellis September 30, 2020
Another great song for this dance: Can't Stop The Feeling, Justin Timberlake 113 beats per minute (a bit slower than All About The Bass - 134 bpm, so easier when first learning the dance.)

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