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Keep Them Kisses Coming

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Cef Decaney (USA) - July 2014
Keep Them Kisses Comin' - Craig Campbell
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Start: 16 counts in with vocals

Vine with ½ Turn-Vine-Stomp
1-2-3-4Step Right to Right side-Step Left behind Right-Step Right to Right side-Hitch Left knee making ½ turn to Right
5-6-7-8Step Left to Left side-Step Right behind Left-Step Left to Left side-Stomp Right next to left

Heel clicks X4-Step-Point-Sailor Step with ¼ Turn to Left
1-2-3-4Raise onto the balls of both feet click heels together four times-on the 4th One make sure your weight is on the left foot
5-6-7&8Step Right to Right side-Point Left to Left side-Swing left behind Right Making ¼ turn to Left-Step Right next to Left-Step Left next to Right
Restarts on 4th and 7th Walls here

Step Lock-Scuff-Step Lock-Scuff
1-2-3-4Step forward on the Right-Step Lock Left behind Right-Step Right forward-Scuff Left next to Right
5-6-7-8Step Left forward-Step Lock Right behind Left-Step Left forward-Scuff Right next to Left

Step-½ Turn-Shuffle-Jazz Box
1-2-3&4Step Right foot forward-Pivot ½ Turn Left (Weight on Left)-Step Right Forward & Step Left next to Right-Step Right forward
5-6-7-8Cross Left over Right-Step back on Right-Step Left next to Right-Scuff Right next to Left

Restart dance

Restart after 16 counts on 4th wall (when restart happens you will be facing 6 O’Clock wall) and on the 7th wall (when restart happens you will be facing 3 O’Clock wall)



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