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Little Wagon Wheel

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Gaye Teather (UK) - April 2013
Wagon Wheel - Nathan Carter : (iTunes)
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Intro: Start on vocal

Right Rocking Chair. Run forward x 3. Hold
1 – 2Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
3 – 4Rock back on Right. Recover onto Left
5 – 6Run forward Right. Run forward Left
7 – 8Run forward Right. Hold
Note: Steps 5 – 8 can be replaced with a Right lock step forward. Hold

Left Rocking chair. Step. Quarter turn Right. Cross. Hold
1 – 2Rock forward on Left. Recover onto Right
3 – 4Rock back on Left. Recover onto Right
5 – 6Step forward on Left. Pivot quarter turn Right (Facing 3 o’clock)
7 – 8Cross step Left over Right. Hold

Side Right. Touch. Side Left. Touch. Vine Right. Touch
1 – 2Step Right to Right. Touch Left beside Right
3 – 4Step Left to Left. Touch Right beside Left
5 – 6Step Right to Right. Cross Left behind Right
7 – 8Step Right to Right. Touch Left beside Right

Side Left. Touch. Side Right. Touch. Side Left. Together. Forward. Brush
1 – 2Step Left to Left side. Touch Right beside Left
3 – 4Step Right to Right side. Touch Left beside Right
5 – 6Step Left to Left side. Step Right beside Left
7 – 8Step forward on Left. Brush Right forward

Start again

This simple little dance was choreographed for my beginners and seniors who love the music and it enables them to dance at our socials alongside our more experienced dancers who are dancing Yvonne Anderson’s Wagon Wheel Rock.


Janny von den Liners December 7, 2017
I just got to know this one at a beginner's event with 300 people, most of them danced it, all smiles and big fun! I learned it by dancing along and I am sure it will be a favorite for my AB is one of my favorite songs and the original dance is too diffiult for my dancers. The catalan dance that was written for this song is total horror to me and my 60s/70s dancers...

ri660n5nb0wz February 25, 2020
Someone in my beginners class asked for Wagon Wheel--I've taught Y Anderson's dance for years but knew it was NOT for beginners. I went searching--found this--absolutely perfect!!! Thanks Gaye(and Copperknob). Can't wait for next class--they will LOVE it-and, so do I!

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