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Laurie Schlekeway-Burkhardt (USA) - August 2014
A.M. - Chris Young
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or “Do What You Want” by Lady Gaga

[1-8] – Walk right left, Shuffle Right, Rock ½ turn, Shuffle left
1-2walk forward right, left
3&4shuffle right, left, right
5-6rock forward on left, rock back on right
7&8making a half turn to the left, shuffle left, right, left

[9-16] – Kick and out, Kick and out, hip bumps
1&2kick right foot forward (1), step center on right (&), kick left foot out to left side
3&4kick left foot forward (1), step center on left (&), kick right foot out to right side
&5-8 after kicking out to the right side, hitch right knee toward the left knee (&), step right foot out to right side with 4 hip bumps to the right (5-8)

[17-24] – Shuffle to the left, Kick and toe, Swivel ½ turn, Coaster step
1&2shuffle to the left – left (1), right (&), left (2)
3&4kick right foot forward (3), step right foot center (&), step left toe slightly back (4)
5&6with weight center, swivel heels right (5), left (&), right (6) while make a half turn to the left
7&8coaster step – step left foot slightly behind right (7), step right foot in place (&), step left foot slightly forward (8)

[25-32] – Toe, Cross, Toe, Cross, Rock, Recover, ¼ turn to right, Pause
1-4touch right toe out to right side (1), cross right foot slightly over left and step down (2), step left toe out to side (3), cross left foot slightly over right (4)
5-6rock forward on the right foot, recover on left
&7-8making a ¼ turn to the right, straddle feet shoulder width apart starting with the right foot (&), stepping down on left (7), and pause (8)

[33-40] – Body roll to the right, Body roll to the left, Shuffle, Swivel
1-2Body roll to the right
3-4Body roll to the left
5&6shuffle forward, right, left right
7&8swivel in place, heels left (7), heels right (&), heels left (8)

[41-48] - Rock and ¼ turn recover, Rock and recover, Points, Heel hitch
1&2rock forward on right (1), recover on left (&), make ¼ turn to right recover on right foot (2)
3&4rock forward on left (3), recover on right (&), step left center (4)
5&6point right toe out to right side (5), hitch knee up toward left knee (&), point right toe out to right side
7-8put right heel out in front, hitch right foot over left leg

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