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Fire Ball

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Improver Cha Cha
Noel Roos (SA) - August 2014
Fireball (feat. John Ryan) - Pitbull
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Section 1: Point, Flick, Lock Step, Point, Flick, Lock Step
1-2Point L to Side, Flick L
3&4Lock Step Forward L, R, L
5-6Point R to Side, Flick R
7&8Lock Step Forward R, L, R

Section 2: Basic Cha Cha Left, Basic Cha Cha Right
1-2-3Step L to Side, Cross Rock R over L, Recover
4&5Step R to Side, Close L to R, Step R to Side
6-7Cross Rock L over R, Recover
8&Step L to Side, Close R to L

Section 3: ¼ Left, Pivot ½ Left, Lock Step, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1-2-3Make a ¼ Turn L Stepping L forward, Step R forward, Pivot ½ Turn L (3 O’clock)
4&5Lock Step Forward R, L, R
6-7Rock L Forward, Recover
8&Step L Back, Close R to L

Section 4: Extended Lock Step with ¾ Turn, Bota Fogo, Modified Jazz Box ¼ Turn
1&2&3&4Extended Lock Step L making a ¾ Turn Left, Stepping L, R, L, R, L, R, L
5a6Cross R over L, Rock Left to Side, Recover
7-8Cross L over R, Step R back making a ¼ Turn L

Smile and Start Again.... This Dance is Really Latin but don’t be afraid to add some Funk...



lulubelle September 11, 2014
Love this dance!

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