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Waiting for a Star to Fall

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Karolina Ullenstav (SWE) & Katarina Pahmp (SWE) - August 2014
Waiting for a Star to Fall - Boy Meets Girl
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Intro 48 counts, BPM 116 - No tags, no restarts

Section 1: Shuffle steps forward (optional if you like: Lock steps forward)
1RF step forward (facing 12.00)
2LF step beside RF
3RF step forward
&LF step beside RF
4RF step forward
5LF step forward
6RF step beside LF
7LF step forward
&RF step beside LF
8LF step forward

Section 2: Jazz box with ¼ turn right ending with a cross step, shuffle steps (chassé) right, rock step and recover
1RF cross over LF
2Turn ¼ right stepping LF back (facing 03.00)
3RF step right
4LF step left crossing over RF
5RF step right
&LF step beside RF
6RF step right
7LF rock back
8Recover onto RF

Section 3: Syncopated steps to the side, behind, recover, heel and cross over right ending with monterey ½ right
1LF step to left
2RF step behind LF
&Recover onto LF (weight on LF)
3RF heel point diagonally forward right
&RF step behind LF
4LF cross right over RF
5RF point right
6Turn ½ right on ball of LF and step RF beside LF (weight on RF) (facing 09.00)
7LF point left
8LF step beside RF

Section 4: Syncopated side rock steps right and left, coaster step and step turn ½ left
1RF rock step right
2Recover onto LF (weight on LF)
&RF step beside LF
3LF rock step left
4Recover onto RF (weight on RF)
5LF step back
&RF step beside LF
6LF step forward
7RF step forward turning ½ left (facing 03.00)
8Ending with weight on LF

Section 5: Grapevine right, clap, full turn left to the side ending with shuffle steps (chassé) left
1RF to right
2LF behind RF
3RF to right
4LF touch beside RF and clap
5Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward
6Turn ½ left stepping RF back
7Turn ¼ left stepping LF left (still facing 03.00)
&RF step beside LF
8LF step left ending with weight on LF

Section 6: Rock steps forward and right, turn ½ right and do a coaster step ending with a long sliding step left
1RF rock step forward
2Recover onto LF (weight on LF)
3RF rock step right to the side
4Recover onto LF (weight on LF)
5Turn ½ right stepping RF back (facing 09.00)
&LF step beside RF
6RF step forward
7LF long sliding step left to the side
8RF touch beside LF

Have Fun!


Last Update – 5 May 2020 -R2


Diane Ellis December 21, 2020
Nice dance!

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