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A Beautiful World ('Relay for Life')

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William Sevone (UK) - June 2011
Beautiful Sunday - Daniel Boone : (many compilations)
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Choreographers note:- Choreographed from an original suggestion from Yip Siew Fune in
connection with ‘RELAY FOR LIFE’. For many survivors, it still is a big and beautiful World.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts with the vocals.

Walk Bwd:R-L. Back Touch. Walk Fwd:R-L. Fwd Touch. Bwd Step Lockstep.
1 – 2Walk backward: Right-Left
3Touch right backward.
4 – 5Walk forward: Right-Left.
6Touch right toe forward.
7& 8Step backward onto right, lock left across front of right, step backward onto right.

1/2 Fwd. 1/2 Spin. Chasse Right. Rock. Recover. Chasse Left
9 – 10Turn 1/2 left & step forward onto left (6). On ball of left – turn ½ left (12).
11& 12Step right to right side, step left next to right, step right to right side.
13 – 14Rock left behind right. Recover onto right.
15& 16Step left to left side, step right next to left, step left to left side.

(feet apart) Slow Wave: Left-Right-Left. Side. Touch.
17 – 18raising both arms in air - Wave arms to the left. Hold – bumping hips to left
19 – 20(arm still in air) Wave arms to right. Hold bumping hips to right.
21 – 22Repeat Counts 17-18.
23 – 24(lowering arms) Step right to right side. Touch left next to right.

2x Bwd-Touch & Clap. Walk Fwd:Left-Right. Coaster.
25 – 26Step backward onto left. Touch right across front of left & clap hands.
27 – 28Step backward onto right. Touch left across front of right & clap hands
29 – 30Walk forward: Left-Right
31& 32Step forward onto left, step right next to left, step backward onto left.

DANCE FINISH: Wall 11 – dance through long fade-out to finish on count 32.

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