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A Christmas Truce

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The Highlander (UK) - November 2014
Belleau Wood by Garth Brooks 123 bpm
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(In Commemoration of the First World War)

Alt. music:- Old Soldiers by Hal Ketchum 127 bpm

Belleau Wood - 24 Count Intro, Start on the word “Snow”. 2 tags, at end of walls 1 & 2
Old Soldiers – 32 Count Intro, Start on the word “Hard”. No Tags or Restarts

Left Grapevine with a Sweep, Jazz Box Cross.
1-2Step L to left side, Step R behind L,
3-4Step L to left side, Sweep R forward,
5-6Step R across L, Step Back onto L,
7-8Step R to right side, Step L across R.

Side Drag, Back Rock, Step Forward, Full Spiral Turn right, Forward, Together.
1-2Step R to right, Drag L towards R,
3-4Rock back onto L, Recover,
5-6Step L forward, Full turn right on ball of L foot,
7-8Step R forward, Step L next to R.

Forward, Sweep, Weave Right, Sweep, Behind, Side.
1-2Step R forward, Sweep L forward,
3-4Step L across R, Step R to right,
5-6Step L behind R, Sweep R back,
7-8Step R behind L, Step L to left side.

Slow Cross Rock, Side, Forward Rock, ¼ left, Cross.
1-4Cross rock R over L, Hold, Recover onto L, Step R to right,
5-6Rock forward onto L, Recover,
7-8Turn 1/4 left stepping L to left side, Step R across L.

Side Rock, Cross, Side, Back, Sweep, Back, Sweep.
1-2Rock L to left side, Recover,
3-4Step L across R, Step R to right side,
5-6Step L back, Sweep R towards back,
7-8Step R back, Sweep L towards back.

Back Rock, ½ Turn right, ¼ Turn right, Cross Rock, Side Cross.
1-2Rock L back, Recover,
3-4Turn ½ right stepping back onto L, Turn ¼ turn right stepping R to right side,
5-6Cross rock L over R, Recover,
7-8Step L to left, Step R across L.

Side Drag, Back Rock, Side Drag, Back Rock,
1-2Step L to left, Drag R towards L,
3-4Rock back onto R, Recover,
5-6Step R to right, Drag L towards R,
7-8Rock Back onto L, Recover.

Slow Forward Mambo, Slow Coaster Cross
1-2Rock forward onto L, Recover,
3-4Step L back, Hold,
5-6Step R back, Step L next to R,
7-8Cross R over L, Hold.

For Belleau Wood only. 4 count tag at end of walls 1 & 2
1-2Sway Left, Hold
3-4Sway Right, Hold.

The music Belleau Wood has a couple of breaks in it which are just danced through.
The first break occurs during Section 5 of wall 3. Slow down very slightly during this break, starting Section 6 on the word “thought”
The second one occurs during section 3 of wall 5. Speed up slightly during this break, starting section 4 on the word “Just”

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madwoman November 14, 2014
lovely dance to sad but beautiful sure to watch video to the very end as the choreographer has gone to a lot of trouble to make the video in keeping with the story of the song.wonderful.

ChrissyL November 15, 2014
Just watched the full video as "madwoman" suggested, had to watch it several times because it was so moving. Such a wonderful tribute to the soldiers, on both sides, of the First World War. I hope people pick up on this dance and it gets widely done on this centenary year.

ChrissyL November 15, 2014
Just taught myself this dance. Flows well and fits the music perfectly. Had to try the parts where the music breaks a couple of times to get the timing right, but no problem thereafter. Also tried it to Old Soldiers and it works very well, perhaps even a little bit easier. Love it.

Jen Y November 18, 2014
Another good dance by The Highlander will look forward to dancing it.

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