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A Country High

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Low Intermediate
Norman Gifford – March 2016
"High on a Country Song" by Sam Riggs
"First Place at Worlds 2017 - in Line Dance Choreography Country Int/Adv"

S1: (Step forward, kick, coaster-step, pivot turn ½ right, shuffle-step)
1-2Left step forward; right kick forward
3&4Right step back; left together; right step forward
5-6Left step forward; pivot turn ½ right [6:00]
7&8Shuffle steps forward (LRL)

S2: (Kick, kick, triple-step, kick, kick, triple-step)
1-2Right kick forward; right kick to the side
3&4Triple step in place (RLR)
5-6Left kick forward; left kick to the side
7&8Triple step in place (LRL)

S3: (Modified heel-jack steps)
1-2Right step side; left behind
&3Right step back diagonal; left heel tap forward diagonal
&4Left step together; right crossover
5-6Left step side; right behind
&7Left step back diagonal; right heel tap forward diagonal
&8Right step together; left crossover

S4: (Turn ½ left, step side, cross-lock-step, side-rock, behind-side-cross)
1-2Right step side turning ½ left; left step side [12:00]
3&4Right crossover; left lock-step side; right step crossed over
5-6Left rock side; right replace
7&8Left behind, right step side; left crossover

S5: (Side-rock, cross-lock-step, side-rock, cross-lock-step)
(You should move slightly forward on these patterns)
1-2Right rock side; left replace
3&4Right crossover; left lock behind; right step crossed over
5-6Left rock side; right replace
7&8Left crossover; right lock behind; left step crossed over

S6: (Side-ball-changes, clap, clap, heel switches, clap, clap)
1&Right toe point side; right together
2&Left toe point side; left together
3&4Right toe point side; clap; clap
&Right together
5&Left heel touch forward; left together
6&Right heel touch forward; right together
7&8Left heel touch forward; clap; clap

S7: Step, brush, pivot turn ½ left, shuffle-steps forward, kick-ball-change)
1-2Left step forward; right brush forward
3-4Right step forward; pivot turn ½ left [6:00]
5&6Shuffle steps forward (RLR)
7&8Kick-ball-change (LLR)

S8: (Cross-rock, replace, triple-step, cross-rock, replace, triple-step)
1-2Left cross-rock; right replace
3&4Triple step in place (LRL)
5-6Right cross-rock; left replace
7&8Triple step in place (RLR)


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Last Update - 11th Jan 2017


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